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Friday, January 8, 2010

Review 1-2!

Hey faithful fans, and thanks for listening to our first podcast and for telling us what you thought. Next week we'll once again discuss a classic DGL episode, we'll read or play your reviews, and Steve and Lori will give us the inside scoop on "The Unlovables, 1." However, we still need your reviews of 1-2 "The Unlovables, 1"! Here's some questions that you might want to consider when you send us your review:
  • Do you think this episode would have been a better premiere episode than "Meet the Morrisons?
  • What do you like or dislike about the interactions between the characters in this show?
  • Does anything about the message of the show stand out to you?
Send us an MP3 file via e-mail, or just leave a blog comment below. We appreciate your feedback. :-)


  1. I think "Meet the Morrisons" is the better premiere episode because we have been introduced to the Morrisons and have started to get a glimpse of them as a family. In "The Unloveables" we meet Maya Richter for the first time and also Anna Townsend. We also see how Michael Morrison interacts not only with Maya, but Anna as well.
    I like the interactions between Anna and Michael because Michael is a true friend to Anna. I disliked the interactions between Maya and Anna only because I had forgotten how mean Maya was at the start of the series.
    What stands out to me about the lesson is that we all need to remember to treat people as we ourselves want to be treated. Also, we need to remember that if some one is mean to us we need to love them not get angry, or be mean in return. This episode gets 5/5.

  2. (Reminder: I am Renddslow, and Max Matthias is my online pen name. But I prefer to be called Renddslow...or Rendd.)
    Sorry my review is neither on audio, nor very good as I am doing it from memory of the episode.I have been revoked listening privileges as a punishment. (shows how big of fan I am, huh?)
    Anyway. This certainly would not have been a better premier episode then "Meet the Morrisons", especially since all the Morrisons aren't even present in this episode. And they introduced several secondary characters into prominent roles in this episode, which would have been extremely confusing. Also, I have never liked the idea of doing a two-parter for a series premier unless its a spin-off, or in that one case of SG1, where the first episode was first shown as like a tv movie almost...any who...
    I really loved the introduction of Maya's character, and her relationship with Matt. I think it kinda mirrors the relationship we'll see later on between Monica and Tom.
    You know, I cannot really remember the message of part 1, because for the longest time we had the tapes, which had episode 1-1 and half of 1-2 on one side, and the other half of 1-2 and 1-3 on the other, so they're kinda getting lumped together in my mind. But overall, I enjoyed message, and the way the they showed several examples of loving your enemy. The one thing that I always thought would have been interesting would to have been if only Michael had talked to his parents. So the result would have been Mike treating Maya with love, while Anna would lash out. It would have shown an interesting comparison.
    But this episode definitely deserves a 5 out of 5.

  3. I really liked this episode. Because I started at season 8 it's neat to hear the origanal relationship between Mike and Mia(sp?).

  4. Hey guys,when I downloaded the podcast,the album art,artist,etc. wasn;t attached to it. Could you make sure it's on the next one?