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Saturday, February 20, 2010

1-8 "Sick of It"

The DGL Rewind continues onward this weekend with episode #8, "Sick of It." Are you enjoying hearing what the characters and stories were like in the first days of DGL? Do you have fond memories of these old episodes or do they strike you as odd after hearing the later DGL shows? And here's a few more questions about this week's show in particular:
  • What do you think is the funniest part of this show?
  • Do you like the character interaction in "Sick of It"?
  • When it comes to balancing work and rest, are you more like Mikey or more like Justin? Why?
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1 comment:

  1. For me the funniest part of this episode was Mikey's report on Abraham Lincoln. You could tell that he had not done any research or put any effort into the report and that he knew he was in trouble.
    I did not like the way Haley was acting, she knew she was lying and yet she kept doing it. She really should have talked to Mrs. Morrison or just said that her mother could not do the things that her class needed done.