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Friday, February 26, 2010

A Lesson in Responsibility

Mikey will finally meet Grace Andrews in this week's DGL episode, "Of Mike and Fin." Let us know what you like most about this show, answering the following questions if they help.
  • Do you think that Mr. and Mrs. Morrison spoil Timmy and are too harsh on Mikey?
  • Do you find it hard to be responsible like Michael does in Season One?
  • What irresponsible thing is the most entertaining of the mistakes that Mikey makes in this episode?
Provide us with any observations that you have, and be sure to give a rating out of five or ten stars! You can also send audio reviews to slowwalkdgl@gmail.com.


  1. For once I have a complaint or two. As far as the game scene in the beginning, I think the delay in getting the game started should have been a little longer. It usually takes a while to get a demo game started. That is typical of younger kids not following through on promises. Timmy is very smart. The parents may be ones to give advice too but just as Grace is famous for lemonade, John Avery Whittaker is famous for ice cream. Mike also has a sense of humor.

    Thankfully Timmy saved Mikeys skin. Twice in the same day. As usual, a dog can be great for a boy. I give this an 8/10 stars.

  2. I don't think Mr. and Mrs. Morrison spoil Timmy, I think they were protective of him because he is the youngest. I also do not think they were harsh with Mikey, I think instead that taking charge of his little brother might have been too much of a responsibility for Mike. Personally, I would have had Mike and Timmy wait until the shopping was done and then accompanied them to both stores.
    Being responsible is sometimes hard. I often find myself putting chores that need to be done off so I can do fun things.
    The most entertaining mistake that Mike made to me any way was his forgetting the drinks for football practice and the conversation with the coach.
    This was a very good episode with another wonderful lesson from Grace. 5/5