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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Extended Singles

There are a number of DGL episodes which have extended and deleted scenes which are not available on the season sets. As promised on our podcast, here's a complete list of all of the CD/ MP3 singles that no devoted DGL fan can be without!

4-12: "The End of the Beginning"
Single length: 31:03 (Album length: 27:59)
Note: There are one or two deleted scenes from this episode, which show Brooke having a bad attitude and telling Haley that she figured something out in her journal.

5-7: "Talk to Me"
Single length: 27:56 (Album length: 24:01)

5-8: "Brighter Days"
Single length: 30:57 (Album length: 24:01)
Note: The scene in which Joan Taylor becomes a Christian is extended.

5-10: "Home to Stay"
Single length: 25:05 (Album length: 24:02)

5-11: "A Time to Mourn...
Single length: 29:53 (Album length: 24:11)
Note: Deleted scenes include one in which Mr. Morrison comes home to find Mary looking at old photo albums.

5-12: "...And a Time to Dance"
Single length: 33:48 (Album length: 29:45)
Note: There is another talk between Grace and Becca that can only be heard in the single version.

6-1: "Deal with It"
Single length: 29:02 (Album length: 26:02)
Note: An interesting extended scene can be found near the beginning of this single, in which the Morrisons almost have a car accident.

6-4: "Just Desserts"
Single length: 28:24 (Album length: 25:42)

6-6: "Hometown Heroes, 2"
Single length: 30:57 (Album length: 26:43)

6-10: "The Price of Peace"
Single length: 27:45 (Album length: 25:48)

6-11: "Pick Your Battles"
Single length: 27:23 (Album length: 24:23)

7-3: "Go Ye Into All the World, 2"
Single length: 27:39 (Album length: 25:45)

7-4: "Why, God?"
Single length: 33:18 (Album length: 29:57)
Note: The single version contains a scene at the Bed and Breakfast with Monica Richter--who doesn't even appear in the broadcast or album version!

7-10: "The Journey, 2"
Single length: 30:53 (Album length: 24:01)
Note: The only extension to the single version is Haley reading out the fairytale story in its entirety.

10-4: "Good Buddy"
Single length: 28:46 (Album length: 24:17)

10-5: "Sandcastles in Storms"
Single length: 32:33 (Album length: 26:49)

10-6: "Is God in Pittsburgh?"
Single length: 32:54 (Album length: 26:52)
Note: Among other extended scenes, the single includes a scene with John and Mary watching some of The Long, Long Trailer with Hope.

10-9: "Going Through the Motions"
Single length: 27:41 (Album length: 24:01)

10-10: "Love Is a Many Splintered Thing"
Single length: 34:23 (Album length: 26:25)
Note: This is the longest DGL episode of them all!

10-11: "Hold Lightly, 1"
Single length: 28:26 (Album length: 25:25)

11-1: "Let Them Eat Cake"
Single length: 28:41 (Album length: 26:12)

11-2: "Short Fuse or Short a Few "Z"s
Single length: 27:55 (Album length: 25:00)

11-3: "Lights, Camera, Inaction:
Single length: 30:39 (Album length: 26:22)

11-4: "What Should Be Will Be"
Single length: 32:00 (Album length: 26:54)

11-5: "Fairly Weathered Friends"
Single length: 28:54 (Album length: 26:36)

11-6: "Shadow Agent X"
Single length: 27:51 (Album length: 24:01)

11-7: "Foul Territory"
Single length: 27:02 (Album length: 25:17)

11-8: "Something Old, Something New"
Single length: 31:35 (Album length: 29:21)

11-9: "Can You Handle the Truth?"
Single length: 28:29 (Album length: 24:07)

12-11: "Saving Messages"
Single length: 29:31 (Album length: 25:08)

Phew, that was a lot of typing! For those of you are still reading this, remember that the only place you can get a hold of these singles is at the CBH Store. Or you could enter our competition and get the chance to download one of the above singles for free!


  1. I'm confused. Do you mean CD singles or MP3s? The CD singles only go through Season 7.

  2. Both. The MP3s are available on the CBH store through to the end of Gilead but you can call CBH to have a single custom made for you.

  3. Forgot to mention that the full length of s-1 "Peas and Thank You" is 28:17, not 24:00 as it is in the first 2-disc specials set.

  4. Except when I ordered a bunch of CD singles sometimes they've sent me the wrong one with the right one's label on it.

  5. Is this all the ones that have longer versions or just some? I thought they said on the cc funcast that the last two episodes of season twelve were exstended as well. I was thinking of getting one that has a better conclusion. Does 12:12 have more details on what actually happens?

  6. The above is a complete list of all the CD/ MP3 singles that have material that is not in the ALBUM version. There are scores of DGL episodes which are longer on the album than on the radio/ web. And yes, the album/ MP3 versions of 12-12 and 12-13 are very long. While John's search for the Saturn9 headquarters is more complete on the full-length version, there isn't really much more detail given at the end of the show.