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Saturday, March 13, 2010

"See No Evil, Fear No Evil"

The Morrisons learn about the importance of discernment and putting their trust in God in this week's interesting episode, "See No Evil, Fear No Evil." Join in our discussion of it by sending us a review!
  • Did any moments in this show make you laugh out loud?
  • This show has some of the most intense scenes of Season One. Do you think these scenes are good and are handled in a realistic manner?
  • Several characters in this episode let their imagination run away with them and start to depend more on themselves than on God. Are there times when you don't make the best media choices or don't trust God enough?
Leave us your comments and a rating and we'll happily share them on our podcast next week. We appreciate you guys! :-D


  1. This was probably my favorite episode of season one. The humor was awesome, and yes, I found myself laughing out loud at many moments during this show.
    My favorite moment in this episode was probably when Brooke and Luke were listing to Grace tell her story and how they thought it was real… I think that's pretty funny that a Freshman in High School could believe that!
    I think the intense scenes are great and are handled well.
    All in all, a fantastically amazing show!! Trillions and trillions out of 5 stars!!

  2. I like your blog! I just started listening to DGL again after four or five years. I haven't heard many episodes yet, but It will be groovy to hear the weekly episodes and read your reviews while I listen.

  3. The intense scenes are very good and handled well. I think Haley over reacted amd Brooke should not have jumped to conclusions about Grace without meeting her first.
    My favorite scene was the one with Luke and Brooke. It was funny hearing Luke giving Brooke a hard time and thinking the story was real.
    A good episode, but not one of my favorites. 3/5