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Friday, April 30, 2010

2-2 "No Strings Attached"

Brooke and Becca's strained friendship is the focus of this weekend's episode, a follow-up to "Pride Comes Before the Fall Festival." You'll want to hear all the fun of the Family Field Day and find out how Brooke does with reaching out to Becca. After you've listened to "No Strings Attached," send us your thoughts, considering the following questions if you want.
  • Do you think Timmy is cute in this episode and that the older-sibling younger-sibling relationship is shown well? 
  • Do you like that we get a flashback to Brooke and Becca's childhood?
  • Timmy, Brooke, and Becca all struggle with harboring grudges in this show. Which character did you relate to the most and why do you think forgiveness is so important?
If you think you can express your thoughts better in an audio reviews, record yourself and send us an MP3! Our e-mail address is slowwalkdgl@gmail.com. You have until 8PM this Tuesday.


  1. This was another great DGL episode with some awesome scenes, wonderful character interaction and a great lesson. The only thing I didn't like was that flashback to Brooke and Becca's days of youth. They sounded so whinish, and when you go on a ride, it won't take off one second after you get on! It was just kind of an odd scene.

    Aww :) Timmy is soooooo cute in this episode!! He's just the typical little-person. :)

    Hmm, this was a great episode except for the weirdish flashback, but I think the rest of the show's amazingness covered it up. So, I'll give No Strings Attached trillions and trillions of stars :D
    Keep up the wonderfully, fantasticabulously fabutastic (that sounded odd) podcast!

  2. I really really really like this episode!!!
    10/10 stars!!!

  3. I did not care for the flashback scene with Brooke and Becca, too much screaming. If Brooke did not like the ride that much she should have just not gone on it in the first place.
    Timmy was rather whiny in this episode, but the sibling relationship was shown well. This was a good episode. 4/5

  4. Another story about the Fall Festival...without a hint of autumn atmosphere! Otherwise, "No Strings Attached" was a satisfying episode on many levels.

    I thought that the technical aspects of this episode were particularly well done. The background music added mounting excitement to both the roller coaster ride and the three-legged race. And it can't be easy to portray a flashback in a radio production, yet it was done in very accessible fashion here. I especially liked how the flashback ended with Becca calling out for her mother and then returned to the present time in which her mother is no longer around.

    However, there were a couple moments that strained credibility. After taking the time to audition for the national anthem, I think Becca would have been much more upset about missing her big performance. I also felt that Timmy's apology to Brooke seemed a little too pat. How did he go from being angry all day to forgiving her in the evening? It seemed like we'd missed a key scene in which he learned a lesson; usually DGL portrays these lessons through conversations, or through something a character observes, or perhaps through a moment of introspection. We didn't have that "aha moment" here and thus Timmy's apology seemed a quick, unearned wrap-up to his storyline instead of a moment of spiritual growth.

    Toward the end of today’s episode, there was a brief mention of teenage drinking. I’m grateful that Coleraine is not immune to problems such as drinking, depression, and eating disorders. By tackling these topics in a tasteful fashion, the show’s writers can explore “real world issues” in a clear and principled way for young listeners.

    To think that a single episode can address both underage drinking and a little boy’s first egg-toss game proves that Down Gilead Lane really is a show for listeners of all ages!