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Friday, April 9, 2010

Review 1-12 "It's All About Me"

This weekend we head back to Season One and the season's penultimate episode "It's All About Me." Get ready for more threat calls--there's a total of three this week! Do you think these scenes add some needed intensity to the show? Along with that question, here's a few more things for you to think about:
  • Do you like the scene where Justin and Lauren are on the bus and Tera Fields comes by to fix their tire? Do you think Justin does a good job on the news?
  • Why do you think the Morrison kids didn't tell their parents about visiting Grace?
  • Do you think the lesson about selfishness is presented well? Did it convict you?
Don't answer that last question if you don't want. ;-) If you're sending us an audio review, please try to keep it at around three minutes at the most. We ask that your reviews reach us by mid-afternoon on Monday, if at all possible. :-)


  1. I think that those threat call scenes scared me when I was little. They did add intensity to the show. (Who do you think the threat caller was?)

    I did enjoy the scene where Justin and Lauren were on the bus. I think that Justin's answers to Tera's questions were well thought out and sounded very mature. In my opinion he did a good job on the news!

    I think that initially Haley didn't tell her parents about Grace just because it made her seem smarter and like she thought of the lesson in "Food for Thought" all herself. I think that later on, when all the Morrison kids had met her, they didn't say anything because they might have been afraid that their parents would have made them stop seeing her. I'm really not too sure on why they didn't tell their parents though.

    I do think that the lesson about selfishness was presented well! It’s funny how it worked out but I was being really selfish today, and then I listened to this episode which ended up convicting me and I decided to stop being selfish, and then there was a question on the blog asking if it convicted me.

    4/5 stars

    The end.
    Have a nice day.

  2. I thought the scene with Justin, Lauren and Tera Fields was fine... I'm kind of neutral to it though. It seems really unrealistic for a tv lady to just happen to be driving by at a particular time when a school bus gets a flat tire, pokes her head in and finds out that sitting there is a kid of a judge who is handling the biggest case it town (Woe, that sentence was 51 words). But somehow, the writers/directors/actors made it seem realistic. (How did they do that!?) It was only when I stopped and thought about it that I saw how unlikely it was.

    Yeah, I thought it was interesting that the Morrison kids didn't tell their parents about visiting Grace. I think it seemed a little out of character because they usually talk to their parents about anything they're uncertain about, or their parents would want them to do. And come on, this was definitely something that they at least should have been uncertain about, because pretty much ALL the rest of the town thought the lady they were visiting was crazy! So, um, yeah they definitely should have asked for their parents' permission before visiting her!!!

    I did think that the lesson about selfishness was presented well. Did it convict me though? Well, how do I say this... no... haha :)

    Oh, one more thing. In the scene where Justin was trying to study while Mike was trying to sleep, why couldn't Justin just finish studying the next morning? He even said to Mike he was only going to be a few more minutes, so why couldn't he have done it while he was eating breakfast the next morning or something??

    Okay, I'm done. This was a pretty good episode, but not one of my favorites. So, I'll reluctantly just have to give it one trillion stars. :'(
    Keep up your super, awesome, wonderful, cool and fantasticabulous (good luck Dave!) podcast!!

  3. I did not dislike the scene with Justin and Ms. Fields. I thought it was very unrealistic. It is not very likely that a TV lady and her crew would just happen to be driving by. Something tells me she knew Justin was on that bus.
    I think the Morrison kids really liked Grace and just wanted to visit her. The idea that someone would find out and make a threatening phone call to their parents most likely never crossed their minds, if they even thought about it and my guess is they didn't. The Morrison kids not telling their parents about visiting Grace does seem out of character for them, considering that as a rule they tell their parents just about everything.
    I think the lesson was presented well. Especially Mr. and Mrs. Morrison's talk to the kids when they were arguing over what to watch on TV. Not one of my favorites 3/5