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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Season One Finale Now Airing!

Listen to 1-13 "Like a Good Neighbor" here and write us a review!
  • Do you think that this is an exciting and satisfying way to end Season One?
  • In what ways can we be practicing the commandment to love our neighbor?
You might also want to offer your thoughts on the big storm that hits Coleraine, Mr. Morrison's phone call to Dr. Cramer, and the last scenes at Grace's house. Send us your reviews by 2PM Monday for inclusion in next week's podcast!


  1. Ooh scary storms… I've had fun with those :) I enjoy good mysteries. Yeah! You gotta love Timmy :) what happened!?!?!? Oh electicity (and phones) gone. I've had plenty of those too. They help Mr. Key… but not grace. Uh oh! A twisted ankle. Mr. And Mrs. Morrison are bugging me. They need to just go meet her! ( are you looking forward to the new camp beyond- key?)
    Ah now the phone call. That would be weird. Lies! All lies! "talk to grace" finally! Now they'll see how nice she is. I bet they feel guilty. Now for the answers… what?! We don't get to hear?! Grrrrrrrrrr. Where were the calls coming from? ( don't spoil it for me though. I don't know)

    sounded like a standered DGL cliff hanger to me. :) i really liked season one. The storys were not so complicated.

    Visit your neighbors!

    Enjoyment 4 1/2
    story 5
    excitement 4
    mysteriuosness 4
    conclusion 3 1/2
    over all 4 1/2

    ~ brenden

  2. This was a good way to end season one. I think that it lost some of the excitiment it originally had over the years though. Initially I thought it was really exciting, but then now I can recite the whole episode while I'm listening to it so the original suspense is lost.
    We can be practising the commandment to love our neighbor by being nice to our neighbors and everyone we encounter daily and by helping them if they're old and can't do stuff, or even if they're not old.

  3. This episode was a pretty good one, and an awesome way to finish up season one.
    Yay! Mr. and Mrs. Morrison FINALLY meet Grace!! It sure took them long enough! They should have brought her a big cake or something to welcome her to the neighborhood. :)

    Hmmmmmmm....................... this is sad, I can't think of anything else to say... I guess I'll give my rating. I'll say five trillion stars... but not trillions and trillions. *Looks sadly down at floor*
    Keep up the SWDGL… it's amazingly fantasticabulous :)

  4. After listening to the Easter story a couple weeks back -- and then today's "Like a Good Neighbor" episode -- it seems that Coleraine sure gets hit by a lot of big storms.

    Maybe that's only fitting since the Morrisons and their neighbors also weather a lot of emotional and psychological storms during the course of the series.

    "Like a Good Neighbor" strikes me as an "in-between" episode of DGL.

    In terms of storytelling, this loosely-written episode doesn't have a strong enough narrative to stand on its own, functioning mainly to bridge the gap "in between" the earlier episodes when the Morrison kids meet Grace and the later episodes in which she is a trusted family friend.

    And I found the quality of the writing sort of "in between" good and great as well. The focus seemed "off," as the kids were relegated to supporting roles and John and Mary took centerstage. Yet I felt both Mr. and Mrs. Morrison behaved somewhat out of character here. Their distrust of Grace seems based on rumors they've heard...and they normally have more common sense than that, especially considering their religious beliefs and John's role as a judge. (Would he allow rumors to prejudice his opinions in court?) Listening to this episode, I wondered why they didn't trust their childrens' positive opinions about Grace? Also, they know that Mr. Key is friendly with Grace; why didn't they ever ask him what she was really like.

    Still, in the end I was glad to hear the Morrisons admit to Grace that they had misjudged her -- and ask for her forgiveness.

    The story and season ended well, giving us a cliffhanger and making us anxious to learn more about what happened to Grace as a child.

    My favorite line of the episode was when Grace said, toward the end, "That's a story for another day."

    What a good way to end the season -- with promises of more days with the Morrisons to come -- and more stories to share with listeners.


  5. This is actually a good episode, it has been a while since I had listened to it. The storm was pretty realistic. I've had storms that have knocked out my power, but haven't had one knock out the phone yet. Thinking ahead to what happens in later episodes, I am glad that Mr. and Mrs. Morrison finally met Grace, they really should have trusted their kids where Grace was concerned. I think this was a good ending to the season, the only disappointing thing about it is that we don't hear Grace's story until the end of Season 4. The best way to love our neighbors is to be friendly, visit when time permits and help when needed or asked. 4/5

    Sorry if this is late guys!! If it doesn't get on the podcast, no problem and I promise to do better next week.