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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Season Two Begins!

We start off the second season of DGL this weekend with a fun little episode called "Pride Comes Before the Fall Festival." After you've listened to this episode, let us know your thoughts.
  • What part of this show do you think is the funniest?
  • Is Becca Taylor introduced well? Do you think Luke and Becca's exchanges really sound like twins talking together?
  • Does the conversation between Mr. Morrison and Brooke sound natural and bring across the message of this show well? Which of their thoughts about pride jumped out at you?
  • Are you more like Haley or more like Brooke and Mr. Morrison when it comes to handling pride?
You can send audio reviews to slowwalkdgl@gmail.com. Please have your reviews submitted by 8PM Tuesday for inclusion in next week's podcast.


  1. The funniest part of this episode is Haley's "singing?' It is awful enough to be funny.
    I think Becca is introduced well. I think she is a little stand offish, but I think that probably has more to do with the story and not the actress. Luke and Becca sound a lot like twins. My favorite part of this episode is the talk between Brooke and Mr. Morrison and it brings the message across very well. I'm more like Mr. Morrison when it comes to pride. 3,5/5

  2. This was an AWESOME episode!!!!!!! It had some great scenes and presented a great lesson. It was also a perfect way to start up season 2.

    Funniest scene? Definitely the one where Haley was practicing her singing and Justin asks Mike, "Is Haley okay? She sounds like she's in pain!" That made me laugh :)

    Yeah, I think Becca is introduced pretty well. I also think she and Luke sound pretty realistic as siblings. Its kind of weird though that it wasn't even mentioned in season 1 that Luke had a twin.

    Who am I most like when it comes to handling pride? I'm not sure, but definitely not Haley :)

    This was SUCH an amazing episode in my book, so you can probably guess what rating I'll give it………… That's right! TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of stars!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep up the podcast... it's fabutastically awesome! :)

  3. Hey! Dave and Daniel,
    Here is my review of 2-1.

    It is so wierd hearing the Morrison's, especially John, talking about Tom Richter the way they did. By John saying about his future best friend, Like Rubbing Salt in the wound he had to drive Mr. Richter as Grand Marshall.

    Sorry to say this even though I am a girl who LOVES to sing,i would have to agree with Justin and Mike about Haley's singing that sounds a sick cow.

    Becca and Brooke remind me of me and my friend a month ago. I was like Brooke and she was like Becca. (Now we are friends again.) I also had a different friend that completely ditched me just like Becca did after the National Anthem Tryouts and Becca did at the fireworks My rival neighbor was like ( sorry to say this, but, she even acted like Brad Smith and company).

  4. Sorry I forgot to rate this Episode.

    Well, wait, shoud I rat generously like Daniel or Crtically and picky like Dave.


    Sorry Dave. I will have to be like Daniel.

    Entertainment-5 out of 5 stars
    Humor-10 out of 5 stars (Haley helped with her singing)
    Storyline- 3 out of 5 stars
    Reality- 5 out of 5 stars
    Over All- 6 out of 5 stars 110% satisfied!

  5. 1. I agree with the other two people, the scene where Haley is practicing her singing is definitely the funniest scene in this episode! I thought what Micheal said while he had the earplugs in was great.
    2. Yes, Becca Taylor was introduced well. She is my favorite character. I do think that the exchanges between Becca and Luke do sound like twins talking to each other.
    3. The conversation between John and Brooke bring the message across very clearly.
    4. I'm like Haley when it comes to handling pride.

    I hope Dave doesn't get hurt falling.

  6. When I saw that the title of this week’s episode mentioned a Fall Festival, I wondered how the show would conjure up the autumn season. Would we hear sound effects of the characters walking through piles of crunchy leaves? Would we hear the distant cheers of fans watching a football game in the school stadium? Would Mrs. Morrison warn, “Don't leave the house without your coat, Timothy. Summer's over now.”

    None of those things happened and I was a bit disappointed. The “Fall Festival” might as well have been a Fourth of July celebration, a Memorial Day picnic, or any other type of community gathering.

    But this lack of atmosphere is one small quibble in an otherwise solid episode. I was impressed that the theme of pride was explored in three separate, yet matching, subplots: the damaged relationship between Brooke and Becca; Haley's hilariously bad audition for the Fall Festival, and Mr. Morrison's expectation of becoming Grand Marshal in the parade. What made the show interesting is that each of these stories ended in disappointment, yet the characters were eventually able to triumph over their disappointment.

    Did anyone else feel that Brooke sounded uncharacteristically angry throughout much of the show? She's usually a bit more sensitive than that. I’m going to attribute her one-note anger to the fact that the actress who played the role was still quite young -- in terms of both age and acting experience -- when the show began its second season. In later years, her acting became more nuanced and she was able to express dueling emotions. If this story had occurred later in the run of DGL, I think we still would have heard her anger at Becca, but also felt her sadness over this lost friendship, as well as her longing to become friends with Becca again.

    In the end, I thought it was a neat twist that the highly dramatic and emotional Haley was the most resilient character of all, while her common-sense dad had to learn a lesson in pride. And though the story ends with Brooke still at odds with Becca, the final scenes reveal that there is still hope for their friendship. That’s one of the most inspiring things about DGL: even when the stories don’t come to a conventionally happy ending, they almost always end with a promise of hope for the future.