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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Enter SceneWhat? and Review "The Cheater"!

We're waiting for your entries into our latest SceneWhat? competition! Take a look at some of the season three episode descriptions if you need to, then submit your answer!
Next podcast we'll be discussing "The Cheater," an episode which introduces two new characters: Tiffany Richter and Freddy Falstaff. We'd love to hear your thoughts on these characters and the themes of the show.
  • Do you like the character of Tiffany in her debut episode?
  • Did the scenes with Freddy Falstaff make you laugh? Do you wish that Freddy had been in more episodes?
  • Cheating is a lesson which can be presented in a very trite manner. Do you think "The Cheater" managed to bring across the theme in a unique way? Have you ever been in a situation like either Mr. Morrison or Justin were in?
Please get your reviews to us by 2PM Monday!

And, for those of you who were just as confused as Tiffany was regarding Justin's report about Andrew Wyeth, Wyeth was a famous American realist painter in the 20th century, widely acknowledged as one of the best U.S. painters of his time. He received the Congressional Gold Medal in 1988 and the National Medal of Arts in 2007. He is most famous for his painting Christina's World, which depicts his neighbor Christina Olson (you'll remember that Justin mentions the Olson paintings, as he was going to be focusing on the relationship between Wyeth and the Olsons in his report).


  1. Jennifer LundgrenMay 16, 2010 at 10:40 AM

    Hej (Swedish for 'hey', pronounced the same way) guys, I'm finally here with a review on time. I thought this was a pretty good episode. We finally get to meet Tiffany and of course, we don't like her, but then, we are not supposed to, are we? I thought Justin was really gullible and a wimp in this episode. Lauren tried to warn him about Tiffany, but he didn't listen. Then again, women (and girls) are much more intuitive than men (boys), it's the way God created us. I remember Lauren but don't remember what happened to her. Thanks for all your hard work. I'd love to hear some of the 'extended' scenes from your collection when they come up. It would be a great treat for those of us who were not able to collect them all.

  2. Tiffany was her usual mean self in this, her debut episode. I had forgotten just how mean she could be. I thought Justin would have had more sense than to let Tiffany "borrow" his paper. It was pretty easy to figure out what Tiffany was up to. She was good in this episode I must say. Freddy Falstaff is annoying more than funny and I am glad that he was not in more episodes. Cheating is a big temptation and I thought it was handled very well. This was actually a very good episode. 4.5/5