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Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Just Telling the Truth!"

This week's episode is called "Truth and Lies," and we want to know what you think of it!
  • Do you think Timmy's cute or annoying in this show?
  • Were Maya's lies funny? What do you think Maya's hurt is?
  • Is this a well-paced slice-of-life show or an overly simplistic and boring show? Justify your answer with examples.
We'd like to hear from some more audio reviewers, so please consider recording a short review this week. Whatever way you submit a review, please do it by 2PM Monday.


  1. Timmy was cutely annoying... REALLY ANNOYING!!! HE STARTED DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!

    Justin's singing... Wow, I guess the talent of singing must run in the Morrison family...???

    Haha, Maya is definitely not a good lier. I'm sure she could've come up with a better story that didn't involve the Statue of Liberty!

    Hmmm....... rating.......... Instead of trillions and trillions of stars, I'll just have to do three trillion... I'm not really sure how to describe it, but it didn't seem like much happened.
    Keep up the awecoolsomastic (nice, Emily) podcast!!!

  2. Timmy was annoying in this episode. Being the youngest of five would most likely make any kid act the way he does. Being the youngest in any size family is not easy. Maya is not a good liar at all. Her stories were not believable at all. Not one of my favorite episodes, but a good lesson. 3.5/5

  3. Though mildly entertaining, "Truth and Lies" has an uninspired and unoriginal quality that prevents it from being one of DGL's best.

    Nearly every family sitcom has run a similar story about a kid who vows to tell only the truth...until he learns that the unvarnished truth can sometimes be a harsh weapon. Using that familiar narrative on DGL gave this episode a rather "generic" feel.

    And, yes, the episode was simplistic, but I think it's important to have variety in the types of stories being presented. Some listeners prefer lighter fare and an occasional episode such as "Truth and Lies" may get them so interested in the Morrisons that they'll stick around for the "heavier" topics that will later be coming...down Gilead Lane.


  4. Hi, I know I am really late commenting, but I still want to!
    I really liked this episode of DGL! Timmy was very entertaining.
    It took me twenty timed of listening to this episode to finally figure out what Maya was saying in her little story about Finn and the Statue of Liberty :)
    I think Maya's hurt was that her family didn't really care about her, like she was the castoff because they already had a boy and a girl.

  5. Thanks for your thoughts, Gabbie! It's probably a bit too late to include them on the podcast now, but we appreciate reading your opinion on this show anyway. :-)