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Friday, May 21, 2010

Questions About 2-5 "Whine Not"

We'd love to get your thoughts on this weekend's DGL episode, "Whine Not." Here's a few questions to aid in your reviewing!
  • What adjectives would you use to describe Haley's whiny attitude: realistic, funny, irritating?
  • What do you enjoy about the storyline with Brooke searching for a job?
  • Do you think that Grace's refusal to complain about her blindness is a good example to Haley, or do you think Haley learns her lesson by herself?
Get those reviews to us by 2PM Monday!

And another way to interact with us is by entering SceneWhat? Click here to submit your entry for this week's competition. We've already talked about this scene in a previous podcast, so it should be super easy to guess it correctly: overwhelm us with all your entries, please! :-D


  1. Haley's whining while annoying did turn out to be funny. What I liked about Brooke's job search was she did not give up. I think Haley had learned that complaining doesn't do any good on her own, but seeing how Grace dealt with her blindness and the fact that everything had to be put in the same place in order for Grace to find it made Haley realize that she really did not have anything to complain about. While not one of my favorite episodes, this one had a very good lesson. One that I need to apply to myself a lot more often. 4/5

  2. My favorite lines from the whole episode were in the intro where Haley said, "What if I caught this bug and it was poisonous" and then Mike replied "Yeah, I think I ate a few of those when I little".
    I thought that the majority of the time Haley's whining was kind of funny! I actually liked hearing her complain more than Brooke. It was really irritating when Brooke complained, but maybe it's just because I'm not a real fan of Brooke.
    I liked that Brooke's job search and interviews were funny. "My neighbor has a dog...", "No, but I can answer phones", "So you wanna work here, but you don't like the food?". Those scenarios were ridiculous.
    I think that Grace is a good example for Haley. She's a good role model, and even if she doesn't directly tell Haley what to do she does illustrate the lesson to Haley through her life. I think Haley really learned the lesson when she told Timmy "No one likes to hear a complainer". But Grace probably had a part in making that clear to her.
    9/10 stars.

  3. Sadness :( Sorry I couldn't get my review in on time... haha, my evil computer wouldn't cooperate for me.

  4. Emily, just so you know: we recorded before you let us know about your "evil computer" so some of what we say about you in podcast #21 doesn't apply anymore. :-)