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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Slow Walk DGL Episode #17!

SNAPPY SEVENTEEN!! The seventeenth edition of the SWDGL is finally here after a technical glitch, retake, and busy lives have all delayed its release. Listen as Daniel and Dave give a wrap-up segment of Season 1, dig deep into reading fan reviews and thoroughly discussing 2-1 "Pride Comes Before the Fall Festival" for the second time, enjoy a hungry visit from Steve and Lori that somehow involves the topic of ice cream, and go all out in recreating a DGL segment for the newest "SceneWhat?" competition. That's all here when you take a slow walk with us Down Gilead Lane!
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  1. I like "ice cream you can chew" too! When Dave mentioned a certain ice cream available in New Zealand that we don't have here in the United States, it gave me an idea for a topic you might want to discuss on your podcast.

    New Zealand, Canada and the U.S. are bound by many similarities -- especially the fact that we all speak the same language. However, each of our countries is also unique in many ways. I am wondering if there has ever been anything in a DGL broadcast that you didn't quite understand, or couldn't exactly relate to, because it was "typically American" and didn't translate into your own national backgrounds and experiences.

    For example, the title of last week's episode, "Like a Good Neighbor" was probably a take-off on an insurance company commercial jingle that ran for years and years on American television. Did this commerical run in Canada and New Zealand as well, or was it only shown on American TV?
    When seeing the title of that DGL episode, did you relate it to the TV jingle the way most Americans would?


  2. I didn't know what a Trapper Keeper was. It was mentioned in one of the first episodes of DGL.

  3. Which episode did you really not like, Dave?

  4. I mentioned in podcast #17 that I really didn't like "The Journey," a two-parter in Season Seven. That's the show in which Brooke, Haley, and Mrs. Morrison go on a girls' retreat for the weekend. If you've heard the episode then I'm sure you can guess why I'm not a fan of it. :-)