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A weekly podcast in which Daniel Gray and Dave Brown talk about a specific episode of the hit family radio drama Down Gilead Lane.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Slow Walk DGL Episode #20!

Double ten and get...TWENTY -- another milestone for your faithful co-hosts, Daniel and Dave, and the SWDGL! Listen as they discuss 2-4 "The Cheater", hear more about the birth of a certain character from Steve and Lori, test their acting skills for another SceneWhat?, and just all around have fun smiling! You never know what you will discover in the latest journey Down Gilead Lane!
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  1. This was a good podcast!!! I liked it! Except the music at the end was weird. But overall it was great!!

  2. Thanks, Anonymous! We're glad you liked it!

    If the music at the end was weird, it was only because Daniel and I wanted a song that fit us just perfectly. ;-)


  3. Fun podcast! The alliteration with Freddy's tow truck business was Freddy's Fenders :) just thought you'd like to know!