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Saturday, June 12, 2010

2-8 "All 4 One"

Justin, Mikey, Maya, and maybe even Tiffany get busy helping finish off a home in this weekend's DGL  episode, "All 4 One."
  • Why do you think Maya goes from being whiney and selfish in the beginning of this show to being happy and positive in the end?
  • Which sibling relationship did you enjoy seeing more: the one between Justin and Mikey or the one between Tiffany and Maya?
  • Is your attitude toward serving others more like Lauren's or more like Tiffany's?
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  1. Jennifer LundgrenJune 12, 2010 at 6:29 AM

    Hej Guys! Sorry I haven't done much lately. Been busy learning a new job. I finally got a look at the new special episode set. I like it but was a bit disappointed they didn't include Stars & Gripes and Heart & Soldier. That would have made it perfect!

    I can't review the recent episodes as I'm a bit behind but will catch up soon. I did want to mention that I liked the original cover art. This is what was on my 2 cassette albums (boy, that really dates me). Do the younger listeners even know what cassettes were?

    Have a great summer and thanks again for all your hard work!

    Jennifer Lundgren
    Stockholm, Sweden

  2. I think that Maya is whiny at the beginning because she has to be around Tiffany. If I were around Tiffany I'd be whiny too. At the end she's probably happier because she's around people who actually are nice and care about her. Justin said he was happy that he didn't have to be around Tiffany in this episode.

    I enjoy seeing the relationship between Justin and Mikey more. Justin should have let Mikey use the saw. Tiffany is annoying, she should have been using gloves and then the paint wouldn't have been able to ruin her nails.

    (I didn't know what Junior Mints were for a long time.)

    More like Lauren's. Lauren is nice. She wasn't in enough DGL episodes.

  3. I think Maya is whiny and unhappy because she is spending the day with Tiffany. Tiffany does have that effect on people. Maya seems to be the happiest when she is around the Morrisons because the Morrisons seem to care about her. I enjoy the relationship between Justin and Mikey, they work well together and they respect each other. I hope my attitude is more like Lauren's. I would not like myself at all if my attitude was like Tiffany's 4/5

  4. This was a DGL episode that I wasn't too crazy about. There was a great lesson, but there were some moments that I thought were uber cheesy. Justin, Lauren, Mike and Maya say in unison, "Yeah!" Ahhh! CHEESINESS TO THE EXTREME!!!!!!!!

    Monica sounds so strange in this episode. She sounded very emotionless, especially in that first scene she was in in (In in? Sounds fine when you say it, looks weird when you type it. Hmm, shall I add a comma between the first and second "in"? Well, that would look better but sound strange... oh who cares.) this episode.

    I liked seeing, or should I say hearing, Tiffany and Maya's sibling relationship better. I think it was just more entertaining.

    Wow, I seriously hope my serving attitude isn't like Tiffany's.

    Okay, I'll give this episode... hmm... one trillion stars.
    Keep up the fabutastic, awecoolsomastic and fantasticabulous work on the SWDGL! (Expect my review for next week having a new stumper word for poor Dave. :D *Evil Laugh*)