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Friday, June 18, 2010

2-9 "The Giving Spree"

This week's DGL episode is "The Giving Spree." Let us know what you think!
  • Do you think Brooke is annoying or relatable in this show? Would you have done the same thing if you were in her position?
  • Maya has quickly gone from being an irritating bully just a few episodes ago to a kind-hearted character in this and last week's episode. Is this transformation too sudden?
  • Did you figure out the giving chain before it happened? Was the concept of a "giving spree" exciting enough for a whole episode?
Please send us your written and spoken audio reviews by 5PM Monday. Also, don't forget to enter SceneWhat?--we almost gave you the answer in the podcast! You can enter here or send us an e-mail.


  1. I think Brooke was very relatable in this show. I don't think I would have given my money away, though! That was such a sacrifice!
    Maya did change very quickly. They could have made the change a little more gradual.
    I did figure out what was going to happen, but it wasn't boring. I definitely wouldn't trade in the virtual designer for a pair of pants or a necklace!
    I love when, after Hailey anonymously gives her the money, Brooke says, "Yeah, well it's kinda wired..." and Hailey cuts in really fast, "What? what's wierd?" :)
    By they way, may favorite part of the show is Steve and Lori's segment. (don't worry, I like you guys too!)
    Anyway, I would give this episode four stars out of five.
    See ya next time,

  2. Hey! It's Sam! I'm finally back for the first time on the Gilead Rewind!:) Things have been crazy!

    Anyway, I think Brooke was relatable in this show. I also feel that I don't know if I could've given my money away, especially after all Brooke had to go through with Ms. Copec. Maya's transformation might have been a little sudden, but it is still cool to see. I'm not going to comment on the giving chain because I have heard the eppisode before, and I can't remember if I figured out the giving chain before it happened. Although, after Brooke says that she gave some of her money away and that we should give back, Hailey says "good point." as though she is really thinking about giving something away. Okay... so I guess I did comment LOL!

    4/5 stars- not terribly exciting but still a great show!:)


  3. I really liked this episode. It wasn't my all-time favorite or anything, but I thought it was pretty realistic and it had a great message.

    I wouldn't say Brooke was annoying. She has a really givingish personality, so it isn't too surprising that she'd give her money away.
    If I was in Brooke's position, would I give away my money... well, uh, no. :)

    Maya's change was a little sudden and probably could have been done a little more gradually. It wasn't though, so the end of that.

    As a whole, this was a pretty good episode, so I'll give it five trillion stars.

    Wow, the podcast is absolutely AMAZING!!!!!! I wonder if its possible for a podcast to get too good... lol
    Sadness! I'm in the middle of making some more stumper words for Dave, so he gets to slide this week.

  4. I don't like Brooke. No, I probably would have given some money, but kept enough so I could still go on the trip.
    Not really, it could have been even more sudden. I think that last episode was a turning point for her.
    I knew what was going on from the beginning! When I was little I didn't care about the giving spree in the episode, I just wished I had a virtual designer like Haley. That's why I used to listen to it.