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Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Bo-ring" Is Now Air-ing!

Review the episode when you've listened!
  • What sport do you think would have been the most interesting for Mikey to talk about?
  • What connection (if any) do you think there is between Mikey and Timmy's storylines?
  • Did you appreciate the messages of this show?
Make sure to assign a rating to this show! We won't be podcasting about "Bo-ring" until later in the week, so you have until 2PM Thursday to get your thoughts in. Here's an idea: why not take advantage of the extra time to record an audio review? :-D

For SceneWhat?, though, you only have until 2PM on Monday. You can enter by using this form or by sending us an e-mail. A hint: it's a S4 episode!


  1. Hockey
    There was a connection?? (Mike's homework was boring and Timmy was bored.)


  2. If I had to describe Bo-ring in one word, I would give it this: BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It really didn't seem like anything happened!!

    Mike should have done, oh I don't know... something different like polo or something.

    I'm sure there was a connection between Mike and Timmy's storylines, but I'm feeling too lazy right now to listen to the episode again and figure it out.

    I don't think I have anything else to say about this episode, so I'll give my rating and compliment the best podcast in the world. I think I can only give this episode one billion stars because the lesson wasn't that strong and the storyline was pretty weak. That's probably the lowest rating I can give a DGL episode.
    The podcast keeps getting better, and better, and better, and better! Keep up the awecoolfanfabutasticabulous (haha, you can do it, Dave!) work!!