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Saturday, June 26, 2010

'Tis the Season for Holiday Specials!

This summer you'll get to hear two DGL specials, "Summer Camp Blues" and "Heart and Soldier." Tell us what you think of the Morrison's summer camp experience after listening on the radio or online.
  • Have your times at summer camp been similar to this?
  • Which of the three Morrison campers--Mikey, Haley, or Timmy--did you identify the most with? Whose storyline was the most entertaining?
  • What life lessons did you take away from this episode?
Please send in your reviews by 6PM Wednesday. You also have until then to enter SceneWhat? from last week (BTW, we still don't have any entries for this, so you have a high chance of winning if you enter!).


  1. My summer camp experiences haven't been anything like this... at all... literally.

    Hmm, I can't really say I identified with any of the Morrisons in this episode.

    The most entertaining storyline was probably Haley's. Haha, I loved when she was playing baseball and she started by holding the bat in one hand.

    Uh, I don't think I took away any life lessons from this episode.

    Oh, I need to comment on Timmy. HE WAS SO EXTREMELY ANNOYINGLY WHINEY IN THIS EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, this is definitely not one of my favorite DGL episodes, so I can only give one trillion stars. :'( :'(

    Keep up the awewonderificastic work on the amazing podcast!
    Ooh!!! And for next week I need to steal those two awesome words from John!!

  2. Dear Dave and Daniel

    I have not been to a Summer Camp quite like this one. It sounded more like the day camp that my sister went to a few years ago.

    I was most like Mikey at the summer camp that I went to last Summer. When ever my team needed me to do something I did it. Even if it mean't that I could get hurt or freeze to death in the raging whitewater rapids. (My camp was in Wyoming and I am from Minnesota).
    Haley was really funny how she was afraid to get DIRTY at Camp! LOL

    I took away the fact that no matter how silly or dirty or humiliated you may feel, Just have fun at camp!!!! (Sorry, I know that that was not what you were asking for as far as a 'life lesson'!)

  3. Yes, my times at summer camp have been sort of like this! The capture the flag game really reminded me of playing capture the flag at camp. I actually had flashbacks of summer camp during this episode.

    I didn't identify with Mikey because I'm really good at swimming, and I didn't identify with Haley because I didn't care so much about getting dirty in camp, and I didn't identify at all with Timmy because I never didn't want to go to camp. I think the Mikey/Haley storyline was the most interesting. It kind of intertwined.

    The life lesson is that swimming is important. First of all, you might drown. Secondly, you might make your team lose the race. And also, you should always try your best even if it's not something you like to do or are good at. Sometimes you need to sacrifice for your team.