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Saturday, July 17, 2010

2-11 "Theories"

The penultimate episode of Season Two airs this weekend. You won't want to miss part one of the season finale! Once you've heard "Theories," send in your thoughts...
  • Did you like the continuation of the mystery of Grace, such as the threat call and Ms. Kopek's phone conversation? Do you think the Morrison kids are on to the right track with their theories?
  • Do you believe it would have been wrong for Justin to have done the report in the way his teacher asked? Were you disappointed that this story ended with Justin getting an "F"?
  • Why do you think Lauren wrote about evolution instead of creationism?
  • What do you think about the scene in which Maya meets Grace? 
  • Do you believe that the message of this show--doing what's right no matter what--shines through in both the example of Justin and the example of Grace?
And although we did say on the podcast that we'd like your reviews by Monday afternoon, you actually have until 2PM (MST) on Wednesday if you need that long. :-)


  1. Yes. The mystery of Grace was why I kept on listening to the show in the beginning. I don't know... they might be on the right track, they might have to slightly redirect their path.
    I don't think that it would have been wrong for Justin to do the report the way his teacher asked. He could have just started it "This theory states that..." and then it's not like he'd be saying that's what he believed. I wasn't disappointed. He may have gotten a bad mark, but he gained the respect from his teacher, and that is even better than a grade.
    I think that she did it just because that's what she was supposed to do. I would have done it the same way as Lauren. You aren't saying that's what you believe, you're just saying that's what the theory believes. It's not a sin to say what someone else believes, so what she did wasn't wrong.
    Yes. The message of the show shone through.

  2. Well, this was an OK episode. It didn't make me go, "WOE! THAT WAS AN AMAZING EPISODE!!" though.

    I'd be mad at Justin if he did his report the way his teacher wanted. I'm also really happy that he got an F. Woe, that sounded wrong. Okay, I'm not glad he got an F, but it added a kinda realistic quality to the episode. It shows that you don't have to be rewarded every time you do something right. Haha, that reminds me of that awful scene in Spring Broke part 2, when Justin met the President. *Cringes just thinking about it*

    Aww :) It's so sweet when Grace and Maya meet. :)

    Oh, I wanna real quick comment on that scene when Brooke overhears Ms. Kopek on the phone. I was actually laughing through that whole scene, because first, Brooke comes in and she literally is YELLING for Ms. Kopek. You'd think unless Ms. Kopek is hard to hearing, that she'd hear Brooke calling. Oh yeah, then Brooke hears Ms. Kopek on the phone and makes this really unrealistic gasp. Okay, and then when Brooke makes this huge noise to get Ms. Kopek to finally hear her, Ms. Kopek just tells Brooke to go out in the kitchen or something. How could she know Brooke wasn't still listening? Really Ms. Kopek, I think you have a little more work to do on your slyness.

    Well, overall a fine show, so three trillion stars.

  3. i looooovvvvveeeeeeee this podcast