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Monday, July 5, 2010

Slow Walk DGL Episode #27!

On podcast twenty-seven, Daniel and Dave talk about the July 4th special "Heart and Soldier" and have another quiz featuring sound bites from DGL. You'll also hear about the show from Steve and Lori and see how Dave does reading the fan reviews without Daniel!
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  1. Jennifer LundgrenJuly 7, 2010 at 10:44 AM

    Hej guys! Unfortunately, I missed the review time but I did listen to Heart and Soldier over July 4th weekend! It is one of my favorite episodes. I liked both the patriotic feel and romance of this episode. The inconsistency with Bo-ring didn't bother me a bit. Ultimately, we have to remember that it is just a radio show. Lovable though it is, it is still created by human beings and we all make mistakes (some of us daily.) What I like most about this episode is seeing how Hailey became so personally involved in the story. For many of the target audience, this episode may have been their first introduction to war-time thinking and government restrictions. I also enjoyed hearing about Mr. Keyes background. My local radio station (ironically San Antonio where Lori lives) stopped carrying DGL after the hiatus, so I have never heard Season 8. I look forward to hearing the completion of Mr. Keyes' story. Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. We were just teasing about the Mr. Key inconsistency, of course! It's such a small mistake in "Bo-ring" that few people would actually notice.

    You missed a lot in Season Eight! That's got to be one of the craziest seasons in DGL because of all the big changes that happen. I think you'll really like hearing more of Mr. Key's past if/ when you get to hear those episodes in S8.

    Thanks for all the feedback you give us on our podcast, Mrs. Lundgren. Much appreciated!