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Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's Mikey up to This Week?

He's making a list, checking it twice! Mikey's not doing that for Christmas presents, though: you'll have to listen in to find out what Mikey's list is all about! This weekend's episode is also significant because it features the first appearance of Mr. Richter. Share your thoughts with us once you've heard 2-10 "The List."
  • Did you feel that this show moved along smoothly?
  • Did you like Luke's idea of handing out dog tags at the outreach? Do you think that Brooke, Becca, and Luke worked together well to come up with decorations?
  • Do you like that Mr. Richter is shown as a nice character in the two scenes that he's in?
  • Was Mikey's eagerness to cross off his list entertaining? Why do you think he didn't put Maya on his list?
You should have your reviews in by 2PM Wednesday. :-)


  1. Yes, I thought that the show ran along smoothly.
    I think that his idea was fine. I liked that he put a Bible verse on all of them. I think that they worked together well! I would have put up streamers though. I don't really think that I payed attention to decorations though when I was in 4th to 6th grade either...
    I think that Mr.Richter is portrayed as a nice guy, but he does act mysteriously when Grace is mentioned.
    I think that I could relate to Mikey and his list. This episode did motivate me to invite all my classmates when we had kids nights and events at church. I think that he didn't put Maya on this list because he didn't think that she'd wanna go.

    It was a nice episode. 4.5/5 'cause you always say I never rate the episodes.

  2. Luke's idea of giving out dog tags made me laugh it was so awful. I'm not trying to put Luke down or anything, but I mean come on, dog tags?!? When I was in 4th-6th grade, I probably would've looked at it once and then thrown it away. lol :)

    Uh, I don't really know why Mike didn't put Maya on the list... Maybe he forgot her?? Haha, I don't know :)

    I thought it was funny how Mike was so into his list. What I found was even funnier though, was how Mr. and Mrs. Morrison thought this was such a big problem that they had to call the Pastor in to set Mike straight.

    Well, a pretty good episode, but not that amazing, so....... oh lets see, what should I rate it......... ummmmm............ Okay, I think I'll do four trillion stars. URG! I need some really super episodes to come up soon so I can give my awesome trillions and trillions of stars rating!!

    Keep up the awesomely amazing work on the awesomely amazing podcast! Oh yeah, I need to create a cool new word... umm....... Oh I'm not good at on-the-spot stuff. I'll get one for next week :)