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Friday, August 27, 2010

Ready for Some Golf?

Caution: Morrison golfing! At the Morrison house the clubs and balls are out as the littlest family member learns a thing or two about putting. Meanwhile, Maya's about ready to hit a golf ball at her sister! Find out if any windows get broken or feelings get hurt in this week's episode, "Teed Off."

  • Did Tiffany seem especially mean in this episode? Was Maya being overly antagonistic to her?
  • Did you like the imaginary flashbacks at Grace's house?
  • Is miniature golf really as difficult as Timmy would have us believe? Do you enjoy the game? Have you ever been to a birthday party involving it?
  • Do you like Raspberry Squares as much as Mikey does?
  • What fruit of the spirit do you struggle with the most?
Be as serious or wacky as you like in your review of this episode, but be sure to have it to us by 3PM on Monday!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Slow Walk DGL Episode #34!

Caleb Richter comes to town in this week's episode "Second Chances"! Daniel and Dave try to ascertain Anna's thoughts on this important character, then give their own observations on Caleb and other aspects of the show. Plus Steve and Lori have more tidbits and a behind-the-scenes clip to share! It's a celebration of mercy this week on the SWDGL!
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

3-4 Second Chances

This week we move on to the fourth episode of Season Three, "Second Chances." It's the episode which introduces Caleb Richter, as well as one of the first shows with Ben Taylor. And if you send us a review by 10PM MST on Monday, both Daniel and I will read or play it on the podcast! Here's a few questions to get you thinking:..
  • Was Caleb's behavior and sarcastic attitude funny?
  • Did you sympathize with Maya in her family situation?
  • Do you like the character of Ben Taylor? Did you think that his risky choice to hire Caleb at his store was a good example of showing grace to someone who doesn't deserve it?
Audio reviews of three minutes or less can be sent to slowwalkdgl@gmail.com. :-)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Slow Walk DGL Episode #33!

Join your favorite Canadian and your favorite New Zealander as they talk about "Love Rules"! Daniel relishes the opportunity to mention his favorite music artists, while Dave gets caught up in discussing his pet peeves when it comes to food. The pair also stop by the recording studio to listen to the actors recording some of the final scene of 3-3 and touch on the topic of obedience.
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

3-3 "Love Rules"

Another memorable DGL show airs this weekend. Tell us what you think of "Love Rules"!
  • Do you think Mr. and Mrs. Morrison were too hard on Haley?
  • Did you feel sorry for Maya in this episode? Did you appreciate seeing rules from her different perspective?
  • Was the message of this show challenging for you? How can you approach those in authority over you with the right attitude?
Get your reviews in by 3PM Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Slow Walk DGL Episode #32!

Hopefully a shorter edition of Daniel and Dave this week won't leave you with "Ruffled Feathers"! Join them for another 'live' summer podcast of fun as they discuss 3-2 with all of you plus Steve and Lori! It will leave you calling birds and chirping songs on your vacations this summer!
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

3-2 "Ruffled Feathers"

Pictured on your right is the Laughing Kookaburra, whose call you'll get to hear in this week's episode. Along with several bird calls, you'll also hear a few "ruffled feathers" from some of the DGL characters. After you've heard what's going on in Coleraine, send us your review of 3-2! We appreciate every comment that we receive!
  • Did you find Michael and Maya's class presentation funny? Did you feel more sorry for Mikey or Maya?
  • Did you enjoy hearing Justin and Tiffany at the paper under the supervision of Janet Gray? Was Tiffany too heavy-handed in her attitude toward the column and toward Grace?
  • Do you think Maya is growing in her faith?
  • Do you sometimes keep silent when you should speak up, like Justin does in this episode?
Don't forget to rate "Ruffled Feathers" (out of five stars) in your review! We need your reviews by 2PM (MST) on Monday this week. Remember that you can always send in an audio review instead to slowwalkdgl@gmail.com. We don't get enough of those! :-)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Slow Walk DGL Episode #31!

It's the first 'live' summer podcast in over a month where you will partake in all kinds of fun with Dave and Daniel! Listen as they discuss all things summer, wrap up S2 while introducing S3, cover the season opener "Power Play" with fan reviews and the inside scoop from Steve and Lori! It's all inside on this summer ride of the SWDGL!
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