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Saturday, August 21, 2010

3-4 Second Chances

This week we move on to the fourth episode of Season Three, "Second Chances." It's the episode which introduces Caleb Richter, as well as one of the first shows with Ben Taylor. And if you send us a review by 10PM MST on Monday, both Daniel and I will read or play it on the podcast! Here's a few questions to get you thinking:..
  • Was Caleb's behavior and sarcastic attitude funny?
  • Did you sympathize with Maya in her family situation?
  • Do you like the character of Ben Taylor? Did you think that his risky choice to hire Caleb at his store was a good example of showing grace to someone who doesn't deserve it?
Audio reviews of three minutes or less can be sent to slowwalkdgl@gmail.com. :-)

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