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Friday, August 6, 2010

Slow Walk DGL Episode #31!

It's the first 'live' summer podcast in over a month where you will partake in all kinds of fun with Dave and Daniel! Listen as they discuss all things summer, wrap up S2 while introducing S3, cover the season opener "Power Play" with fan reviews and the inside scoop from Steve and Lori! It's all inside on this summer ride of the SWDGL!
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  1. I always have better thoughts about the episode while I listen to the podcast, so here's the rest of my review and some comments.

    First of all, John said that Justin needed his expander tightened, so he didn't just have braces, he also had an expander. My brother had an expander and it made him sound a little different, because it's at the roof of your mouth and gets in the way of your talking.

    Also, I have more reasons why I wouldn't have chosen the internship. I also would have chosen the church thing because I would be working with kids, and I like working with little kids. That's a major part of my job so I think that I would like that. So that would have made me want to choose the church thing more than the internship.
    When I say Tiffany is annoying, I don't mean that she's annoying as a character, I mean, her role is pretty good in the show and I see the point of her, but I would never want to work with her. She's only 13 and so full of herself and I just wouldn't want to be around her. (Even though I could be witness to her and that would be a reason, I just would have a hard time trying to be like Justin (who stays really calm) and I'd probably get upset).

    I was so excited when the podcast came out last night! It's good!