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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beauty and the Beast Within

Calling for reviews of this week's popular DGL show, "Beauty and the Beast Within"! We want to hear what you have to say about 3-8...
  • Why do you think that this episode is often considered one of the most outstanding DGL shows? Do you think it deserves to be seen as such a great show?
  • Is Mary too reactive in this show, especially when talking to Brooke and Luke?
  • Is Justin and Michael's talk with their dad a good way to end the episode? What aspects of it did you find most interesting?
  • Do you like the way the serious messages are handled throughout the episode?
And if that's not enough for you to comment on, you also have the character of Haley, the incident at the Taylor's store, and the issue of feminism that you can write about if you want. Due to the serious nature of "Beauty and the Beast Within," we ask that younger listeners check with their parents before reviewing. Make sure that you have your review in by 2PM (MST) on Wednesday to ensure your opinion gets heard on our next podcast!


  1. I like this show.
    I think it's considered one of the most outstanding DGL shows because it deals with a topic that a lot of other radio dramas don't talk about. I think it's pretty good.

    I don't think she was too reactive (I mean, she wasn't crying). She had some really good points to say.

    You know, I never was allowed to watch Beauty and the Beast.

    Yeah, that talk was a good way to end the show. (You talk about endings of the shows a lot, I usually don't make it to the ending when I'm listening.) I found it interesting that they had to wait for him in his office- that seems like a punishment in itself. It was a good scene though.

    Yes, the serious issues are handled well.

    I think that I like Haley's character in this episode. She was realistic.

  2. Yay! I'm back to reviewing for one of my all-time favorite episodes!!!!! I can't express how PERFECT this episode was. Such a hard issue that was tackled in just the right way. It definitely deserves to be seen as one of the greatest DGL shows.

    Mrs. Morrison was just passionate. I would've gotten mad at her if she cried. =)

    It was a great way to end the show. Mr. Morrison did such an awesome job talking with his sons.

    The serious issues are handled perfectly. Its so important for families to be open about those kind of things.

    Haley is so herself in this ep =)

    Such a great lesson! Such an awesome title! Such an amazing ending! SUCH A TREMENDIFABIFICENT EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!! There aren't enough stars in the universe to rate this with.

  3. Hej Guys! I just finished listening to Beauty and the Beast Within. Wow, what a powerful episode. I wouldn't say it was my favorite and I'm actually glad they did not do too many with such a heavy topic, but it was handled in a compassionate manner. One thing I did like is the way the same item, Haley's magazine, was used to illustrate how the same image is damaging to both girls and boys in different ways. I think both Mr. and Mrs. Morrison gave good talks to the boys and the girls, but I have to confess that even though I am 45 years old and married twice, I was a bit embarrassed by Mr. Morrison's talk with the boys. I know it had to be, especially for those listeners who either do not have Christian parents, or whose parents are too embarrassed themselves to bring up such things. It might have been a good idea to have separate episodes giving each side of the issue (girls and boys) and then including them in the CD package, but not necessarily airing them. But, I guess if it is considered one of the 'greatest', then my misgivings are the minority opinion. I don't usually give stars, but if I did, I would give it 3 out of 5 for a tough topic handled wisely.