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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Slow Walk DGL Episode #35!

Keep in step with Daniel and Dave as they discuss "Teed Off"! Fan feedback and reviews, Steve and Lori's comments, and plenty of rambling and silliness from the SWDGL hosts makes for fun listening for any DGL fan. (If you disagree, please let us know. Thank you. :-D)
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  1. What's going on? Isn't next week's episode Deadlines and Datebooks? Episode 34 is Teed Off, 35 is Deadlines and Datebooks, and 38 is Stars and Gripes according to gileadlane.org's archives for S3. I don't get this? I already went to the work of listening to Deadlines and Datebooks so I'd have listened to it before I reviewed it. I don't understand this.

  2. Hi Anonymous!

    Next week's episode is indeed episode 35 (3-6) "Stars and Gripes." I'm not sure why there's that mistake on the official DGL website, but according to my research it originally aired between "Teed Off" and "Deadlines and Date Books," and on my Tyndale version of Season Three it's included as the sixth episode as well.


  3. They gotta fix the DGL site. You should tell Steve and Lori.

  4. Hey guys! Sorry for the rarity of my reviews during the summer months! I've been on vacation a lot, and only about half the places I've stayed at have had internet access =(

    Anyway, to make up for all the episodes I've missed reviewing, I'm going to randomly comment on all of those requests you made at the end of SWDGL #35. Here goes... =)

    I have no objectionable pictures on my FB, so yay, I can still be a fan or "Like" the podcast! You're welcome =)

    Yes, I am enjoying your podcast, so I'm letting you know. You're welcome =)

    Steve an Lori should have a longer segment. You're welcome =)

    Woe, EVERYTHING I have on my mind!? That would take a while.... =)

    No matter how long the podcast is, it will always be too short. You're welcome =)

    Yes, I like your singing and your songs and everything that occurs on the podcast. You're welcome =)

    Song request.... hmmmm....... thinking..... thinking...........

    A backwards episode?? That would be interesting... You're welcome =)

    Ahh! Podcast over two hours long... YES!!! You're welcome =)

    Sure, keep the bloopers in... You're welcome =)

    You should do a video podcast sometime! It would be pretty much impossible unless Dave flew to Canada or Daniel flew to New Zealand though. You're welcome =)

    LOL!!! A SWDGL Bible Study?!? Wow...

    You're welcome =)