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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Slow Walk DGL Episode #37!

"Deadlines and Date Books" is the show in question on this week's shorter SWDGL! Find out Daniel and Dave's thoughts on the episode, as well as hear what Steve and Lori have to say about it. Plus, an end song from the country genre!
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  1. I don't think that Haley was being that unrealistic begging Brooke to do something with her when Brooke was busy. My sister is exactly the same way.

  2. Hej guys! I'm too late as usual, but wanted to throw out a couple of thoughts about Deadlines and Date Books. On one hand Justin was stupid, on the other hand, guys are often just blind to girls' manipulations, whereas Lauren sees right through her. For Justin and Lauren to check up on Tiffany's work would not have been out of line. If you are working with someone you know is deceptive, there is nothing wrong with checking up on them as long as you are not breaking any rules yourself in doing it. I have a good 20 years on you and can tell you that very often this is necessary in the work place. If you are also responsible for a portion of a project and you have a coworker with a history of dropping the ball; prudence is not unchristian. Now, back to the episode, Tiffany is at her worst and we are not supposed to like her, though I was surprised she allowed herself to be manipulated by her mother. How did she expect not to be blamed when it all came out? Haley was annoying but she is naturally self-centered. I always felt that Tiffany and Haley were two sides of the same coin-both a bit self-centered. Haley just has it tempered by a family that loves her and underneath the superficiality, she really does have a good heart and a desire to do the right thing. I'm still a bit disappointed that Steve and Lori didn't give us any background on Stars and Gripes. Did they do that in a previous podcast? I hope they back up and give us some tidbits about that episode.