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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spring Cleaning Time!

The Morrisons spend some time cleaning this week--come and join them!
  • Was this episode humorous?
  • Do you think the Morrisons' plan to cure Timmy of his bad attitude was a good idea?
  • Did you find this episode predictable?
You only have until 1PM MST on Monday to get your thoughts in to us--please be quick!


  1. WOW! As much as I LOVED last week's episode, I loved this episode thousands of times more!!!!!!!! Or not. It was all FLUFF! And TIMMY as a main character??????? NO!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess it was funny... the scenes without Timmy in them... those were annoying.

    YES!! It was an awesome idea!!!! They should have left him there!!! Okay, STOP Emily!

    VERY predictable.

    Timmy is annoying.

    Justin is in 7th grade, and he's STILL playing with Legos???

    Timmy is annoying.

    I can only give this episode one billion stars because of Timmy being the main character.

    Timmy is annoying.

  2. Hej guys, I don't know what the time difference is between us, but hopefully this is in time. I usually listen to the episode while doing dishes and then write the review afterwards. That's why they are sometimes very short. To answer the questions: Yes, I thought the episode was humorous. No, I don't think the Morrison's plan was a good one. If I had been Timmy, I would have been happy to go live with Mr. Key and never look back. ;-P
    No, I didn't find it predictable at all. In fact, I was surprised at the 'solution'. I'm not surprised Justin is still paying with legos, especially if he was doing a project with Mike. I remember the guys in my junior high still talking about playing with their action figures, etc. I miss Mr. Keys. I was not listening when his character was taken off the show, so I'm really enjoying the early episodes. In San Antonio, we have a movie reviewer who gives jalepenos instead of stars. Lori will understand. So.....I would give it 4 out of 5 jalepenos.

  3. I just had to say: Emily, My brother still plays with LEGOs and he's 15.