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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cosmic Confusion!

Maya's a little confused in this week's DGL show, "Cosmic Confusion" (you'll have to listen to find out exactly why!). You'll also meet the Richter's new exchange student and learn what she has to do with some confusion as well!
  • What do you think of the character of Lana? Was Caleb's attitude toward her humorous?
  • Was Maya's "confusion" easy to relate to? Did you feel that she was at fault at all for it?
  • Was the lesson (or lessons) of this show well-presented? What messages came across the clearest?
We're excited to hear your thoughts on "Cosmic Confusion"--we appreciate every one of you who sends us a comment! For your thoughts to make it on to the podcast though, you'll have to have your review in by 1PM on Monday.


  1. Hej guys! Back again with my kitchen table reviews. I like this episode because it reminds me of the planetarium trips I used to take with my dad in San Antonio. This was a good episode, but not outstanding, so I'll just stick to the questions. I thought both Lana and Caleb were hilarious. Caleb because suddenly he is the 'helpful' big brother to make Lana think he is a nicer person than he really is at this poing. And Lana is hilarious because we have a few Russians living in Sweden and I thought her accent was a bit 'soft'.

    Maya is going through what all Christians go through at different times in their life. Though I am surprised she could not see through Caleb's superficiality and know he was just being nice because they had a houseguest. I like the relationship between Grace and Maya. The parallel of that relationship with the future relationship of Grace and Hope was one of the few things I liked about the whole Hope storyline, but we're not there yet. ;-P

    I guess the message that came across the most clear is that it is okay for Christians to have periods of doubt. Sometimes they are caused by something we read or hear in the media or secular literature, sometimes they are caused by something someone says to you or how other 'Christians' treat you, and sometimes by a hard circumstance in life where you do not feel God is with you. The underlying message of this episode is that it is okay for Christians to have honest doubts if we take them to God and look to him for answers. I would say 4 out of 5 stars for this episode.

  2. I like this episode!

    Lana seemed like a nice character. There a a bunch of exchange students at my school, none from Russia, but she reminded me of them somewhat. When Caleb was just with her I didn't think his attitude was humorous, that's what a guy probably would be like with a guest. When he was with Maya and Lana, on the other hand, then it was funny because his attitude towards Maya was really out of character.

    Maya's confusion was understandable. She's living with a family with a completely opposite worldview than her Christian friends, so it was to be expected. It wasn't her fault, but if she hadn't looked for answers then it would've been her fault for staying confused.

    The lesson of the show was well-presented. The message that God isn't in the flowers was well-presented.