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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mr. Richter Turns up the Heat!

The season finale of Season Three is now available for you to listen to online--it's an episode that you won't want to miss! Tell us how you think it stacks up to 1-13 "Like a Good Neighbor" and 2-12 "Connections," the other two season finales we've talked about, and consider the following questions:
  • Was it a good idea for the kids to change their rooms around? What aspects of this storyline did you like best?
  • Do you think Mr. Darty, the lawyer, is comical or annoying?
  • Was the relationship between Maya and Grace an important part of this episode for you?
  • Did you like hearing more from Mr. Richter, and seeing him and John interact more? What did you think about getting a different side of him regarding Maya?
Whatever thoughts you have on "A Case against Grace" will be gladly received, but you only have until 1PM Monday for them to get read out on the podcast!

Edit: If you missed the deadline for reviewing 3-12 but still want your voice heard about the season finale, leave a comment below and we'll include some of your thoughts in next week's podcast. :-)


  1. Aww man, this review's 5 hours late. Sorry Dave and Daniel! This episode was pretty good though, not one of my favorites. I wasn't able to stay awake while I listened too it so I guess it wasn't super exciting or else it would've kept me awake.
    I didn't really like that Darty character a lot.
    I like hearing Mr. Rhicter and John interact. That's a good scene. :)


  2. Anna actually signed herself off!

    I'm late, too, will send you an audio review that I recorded minutes after hearing it on my cell phone during my commute home today. I recorded it when stopped at a traffic light!