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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Supplementary Material for Podcast #41

DGL Albums on iTunes
Thanks to Max T., we have all sorts of technical information about the DGL albums available to download via iTunes. Consider these things before buying!
  • Each album costs US$5.95.
  • They are in DRM-protected AAC (.m4b) format, which means you can only play them on Apple products (such as iTunes and Quicktime) and about 500 different MP3 players.
  • Instead of getting twelve individual files, you get one file with twelve chapters so you can skip to the next episode.
  • Although you can burn the album on to a CD with iTunes, you may not be able to have each episode as a separate track (if you know how to burn chapters as separate tracks on iTunes, let us know!).
  • The quality is only 64kbps, and a short tag from Audible.com is added on to the beginning.
  • No specials are available.
And if you decide that you don't want to risk purchasing from iTunes, the tried-and-true shopcbh.org has every episode of DGL available for buying in high-quality MP3 format!

More About "Saved by Grace"

The song featured in "A Story to Tell" and which was discussed briefly and quoted from in this week's podcast was "Saved by Grace." This hymn was published in 1891, after Fanny heard a message that Christians do not need to fear death. She said about "Saved by Grace," "There is one hymn I have written which has never been published. I call it my soul's poem. Sometimes when I am troubled, I repeat it to myself, for it brings comfort to my heart." The song is about the Christian's longing for Heaven, but also acknowledges that we have a mission to fulfill while we're here on earth. If you have a favorite Fanny Crosby song or you've found any other connections between her and Grace, let us know!

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