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Friday, October 8, 2010

Telling Stories!

For those of you wondering when podcast #40 will be out, our thoughts on "Cosmic Confusion" should be out on Thursday. Sorry for the delay!
Season Three races toward its end with this weekend's episode "A Story to Tell." Come along to Grace's Bible study and find out what the kids are learning!
  • Which of the three Morrisons (Justin, Mikey, or Haley) did you think responded to Grace's challenge the best? Whom did you identify with the most?
  • Was it good to hear from Matt again?
  • What Grace scene did you like the best: the first scene at Grace's Bible study as they talk about Fanny Crosby or the scene at the park with Grace talking to Mikey and Maya about the value of their stories? Why?
  • Were you surprised at the ending? Was it a good way to finish the episode?
We're looking forward to hearing your opinion on "A Story to Tell" (don't forget to give the show a rating!). You have until 2PM Wednesday to get your thoughts in!

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