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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Lure of Fishing

Pixley Pond is the center of attention on this week's DGL show, "Fish-N-Slips." Come join Mr. Key and Timmy as they fish together!
  • Did you think that Haley and Mikey's secondary storyline about fantastic fishing finds added to the episode?
  • Why do you think Mr. Key responded to Timmy with more openness than he did to Grace?
  • Did you feel Timmy's sadness and disappointment in himself when his and Mr. Key's relationship was strained? Do you think that this was a harder way for him to learn a lesson than in "Bo-ring" and "The Key to Happiness"?
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1 comment:

  1. TIMOTHY MORRISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DOES ANYONE STAY PATIENT WITH YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!? Lets see, over the course of two days, you nearly killed your dad and brother, destroyed your family room ceiling, tipped over a boat (Oh yeah, Mr. Key is like really old, so wouldn't a boat-tip-over like kill him?!) and nearly lost Mr. Key's special lure. Gosh Timmy!

    Mike and Haley's secondary story-line didn't really add much to the episode, but thankfully it made for SOME scenes without Timmy!

    I didn't feel Timmy's sadness at all. He had it coming to him. =P

    Okay, I need to think of SOMETHING nice to say about Timmy..... uhhhh....... thinking....... thinking......... Oh, he's.... oh no, he's not cute, he's more annoying and cheesy. Impossible, I can't think of a single nice thing I can say about him. =)

    Obviously I wasn't crazy about this episode AT ALL, so I'm only giving it one trillion stars... :'( If I had to rate the SWDGL though, I'd give it an INFINITE amount of stars!! Keep up the supawefabumazing work =)