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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Over the River and Through the Woods...

"To Grandmother's House We Go"! Conclude your Thanksgiving week by listening to the second DGL Thanksgiving special, and then share your thoughts with us!
  • Was Timmy being annoying annoying? Did you laugh at any of his corny Thanksgiving jokes?
  • Did this show manage to continue being entertaining even though most of it took place in the car? Did you feel that the depiction of a long family car ride was realistic?
  • Was the message one that you needed to hear? :-)
  • Which of the two Thanksgiving shows that aired this year did you like better?
We look forward to receiving your reviews by 1PM MST on Monday. :-)


  1. This might be surprising, but I absolutely LOVED this episode!!! I actually found Timmy adorable and not annoying at all!! I laughed at the ridiculous stupidity of his jokes =P

    It was VERY entertaining.... the first time I ever heard this episode, I listened to it three times in a row =) The depiction of the car ride was pretty realistic.

    Uh, what was the message? Oh, being thankful???? Well, I guess it was a message I needed to hear...... idk =P

    This was definitely the best of the two Thanksgiving shows.... MUCH more entertaining!!

    Ooh! The Morrisons went to Wisconsin!!! Wisconsin is an awesome state.... almost as awesome as its neighbor Minnesota!! =P

    Well this is one of my all-time favorite episodes, so trillions of stars doesn't seem high enough..... Okay, I thought of an awesome number..... I'll give it GOOGOLPLEXES of stars =)
    The podcast is fanabsupmarvo as always.... Keep up the amazing work!!

  2. I give it googlolplex cubed stars. Haha, I oustared Emily.


    haha =)

  4. I can outstar y'all. :P I'll just rate it ∞ stars! Haha!

  5. Well my new rating goes from negative infinity to postivie infinity which is greater than just infinity.