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Monday, December 6, 2010

Review "The Best Christmas on Record"!

Last chance to review! The double-length DGL Christmas special "The Best Christmas on Record" will not be played on the radio this year, but we are planning to discuss this show in an upcoming podcast. As always we would love to receive your thoughts on this show--you can listen to the show here if you haven't heard it before or want to re-listen to it. (Note: The following questions contain spoilers.)

The Morrisons at Christmas Time:
  • Which Morrison Christmas tradition did you like best? Do you have any of the same traditions?
  • Did you find the family togetherness--the good-natured teasing and so on--that was presented in this show heart-warming?
  • Was the Morrison family singing together a touching way to end the episode? Do you think "Silent Night" was the most fitting Christmas carol for them to sing?
Going Back 15 Years:
  • Did the actors do a good job at sounding younger in the flashbacks?
  • Was the re-telling of "The Gift of the Magi" on DGL a good idea? (You can read O. Henry's short story here.)
  • Is Arnie (of Arnie's Antiques) a memorable character?
  • Do you consider Mary too emotional in this episode, or do you think her getting upset is more understandable in this episode since she's pregnant with Brooke?
  • Do you think Coleraine deserved to win the competition?
The Richters at Their Best and Worst:
  • Did you like hearing from Tiffany at the Classic Coleraine Christmas? Why do you think Monica was trying to be nice to the Morrisons there?
  • Was Monica's drive to get the town looking classic (in the flashbacks) humorous? Did you like how she got her comeuppance?
  • Do you think the "twist in the tale" near the very end was satisfactory (or even much of a "twist")? Why do you think Monica chose to give everything back?
A Different Feel:
  • Were you disappointed that Jacob didn't host this episode?
  • Did you like that the show is longer than other DGL shows? Did you think the pacing was right?
  • How many stars (out of five, ten, or one hundred) would you give this episode?
Answer as few or as many questions from above as you like! You have until 1PM on Wednesday to get your thoughts in. Also, we'd love to hear a Christmas message (between ten and thirty seconds long) from you for that podcast! Our e-mail address is slowwalkdgl@gmail.com.

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  1. THIS IS MY FAVOURITE EPISODE!!! OF ALL TIME!!!! (Except Mary crying.)