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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sleepless in Coleraine!

Find out why two "Insomni-maniacs" aren't getting enough sleep in this week's episode! You'll also hear the return of a character who's important to the mystery of Grace...
  • Was Brooke caffeinated disturbing to hear, or funny? Which aspects of her exam preparation were good and which were unwise?
  • Were you surprised when Mikey fell out of the tree?
  • Did you appreciate getting back to the Grace saga with this episode? Did you feel that the return of the doctor added to the show? (In particular, what did you think of the first scene at the Sunrise Grill--was it scary? Cliché? Weird? Riveting?)
  • Was the lesson of the show illustrated best in Brooke's, Mikey's, or the doctor's storyline?
Make sure to give the show a rating! You have until 1PM (MST) on Monday to share your thoughts--we can't wait to hear them!

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