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Friday, December 24, 2010

Slow Walk DGL Episode #52 (Christmas Special)!

Join us as we celebrate the music of Christmas, the traditions of Christmas, and "The Best Christmas on Record"! In our longest podcast ever we feature our favorite Christmas songs, quiz each other on DGL trivia, perform SceneWhat?, and discuss "The Best Christmas on Record." See below for download options and a full schedule!
Download the full regular version (default option).
Download the full high-quality version.
Download the high-quality version, part one (includes quiz and song countdown).
Download the high-quality version, part two (includes reviews and SceneWhat?).

0:00: Introduction
4:37: Christmas Traditions
23:50: DGL Quiz
52:00: Christmas Song Countdown
1:20:42 (0:00): Fan Reviews of "Best Christmas on Record"
1:53:10 (32:54): Discussion of "The Best Christmas on Record"
2:29:32 (1:09:15): SceneWhat?
2:37:06 (1:16:48): Conclusion
3:08:33 (1:48:16): Blooper Reel

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