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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reviews, Please!

This is a call for reviews, in both written and oral forms, of this weekend's episode "Free for All, 2" (or both parts as a whole, if you prefer)! Some questions to get you thinking...
  • Was this a satisfying way to conclude the storyline with the raccoons?
  • What did you think of the scenes involving Operation Lemonade, such as the Attic Meeting and the kids' attempts to get information out of Grace and Mr. Key?
  • Were you surprised at the secret Ms. Kopek had kept hidden? Did you feel that her storyline was tied up well, or were there loose ends?
  • Were any of the scenes in this episode touching or tear-jerkering?
And remember that this is your last chance to comment on Ms. Kopek! Is she in your list of favorite characters like she is in Daniel's, or does she hardly register as a lovable DGL character for you? Send us your thoughts via e-mail or comment on this post by 1PM Monday!

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