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Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Sneeze the Day"

We return to Season Four with this weekend's episode "Sneeze the Day." You'll find more clues about the mystery of Grace which are not to sneezed at (or are they?), and find out which two Morrisons aren't quite ready to graduate!
  • Do you think that the scenes at the school board meeting were interesting? Was a wise idea for Grace not to attend?
  • Did you identify more with Mikey or Timmy in this episode? Did you think Mr. and Mrs. Morrison did a good job confronting them?
  • Did you think that the message about balancing the past and the future was well presented in both the board meeting storyline and the boys' tests plot?
And some more questions if you feel in the mood!
  • What did you think of the Morrison kids' new code?
  • Do you think Tiffany should have been in more scenes in this episode?
  • Do you like Mrs. Wynkoop? Why do you think Timmy likes her so much?
Remember to give "Sneeze the Day" a overall rating based on your views of the episode. Unless we tell you otherwise, you have until 2PM MST on Wednesday! Sneeze the opportunity! :-P

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