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Saturday, February 12, 2011

"The End of the Beginning"

The Grace saga concludes in this weekend's episode, as everything about what happened thirty years ago is revealed! Season finales are always exciting, so be sure to weigh in on how you think this one compares! (Warning: spoilers ahead!)
  • Was the scene when Grace revealed everything to the kids a memorable one?
  • Do you think Brooke is out-of-character in this episode? How did the scene with her getting angry make you feel (for example, sad? uncomfortable?)?
  • Do you think Timmy and his excitement about the newly-planted flowers helped lighten up the episode? Was the comparison of Mr. Richter to flowers fitting?
  • Do you, like Timmy, feel sorry for Mr. Richter? Do you think the last scene of this episode, when Tom goes down to Grace's, is a good way to conclude this saga?
  • Did anything in this show send shivers up and down your spine or bring tears to your eyes?
  • What do you think is the main message of this show?
Please have your review in by 1PM on Tuesday!


  1. Hi, It's Jane. I already submited my audio review, but I'm planning to buy the extended episodes. I was wondering if 2-12 Connections is a extended one?

  2. Jane, if you have the S2 album then you already have the longest version of 2-12 "Connections." You can find a complete list of all the singles that are extended from their album versions at http://slowwalkdgl.blogspot.com/2010/03/extended-singles.html. :-)

  3. but, I thought Daniel said, there was more on the papers that Tiffany and Maya dropped off with Brooke on the extended one? about the court..

  4. The scene with Tiffany and Maya coming into the Bed and Breakfast is only about 20 seconds longer on the extended version, but does include a line about Ms. Kopek not doing well on her last assignment. However, there is only one extended version of 2-12 "Connections"--the album version and the single version are the same thing. So if you already have the S2 album, you don't need to buy the 2-12 single as well--you already have the episode in its fullest form.

    Perhaps you may also be thinking of a scene which is only in the album/ single version of "Connections," when Brooke and Justin stumble across something suspicious in the mail from New York. But once again, if you have the album then you already have that scene in the show.

    And as for "the court," I don't believe there's any references to any court papers in "Connections." So don't go and buy 2-12 as a single because you're not getting anything more than what you already have!

    But "The End of the Beginning," well, that's a different story. :-)

  5. do you mind that 20 second sceen? Now, I'm curious... 2-12

  6. I think all the additions to 2-12 that are found in the album version add to the show, even the scene which doesn't go anywhere with Brooke and Justin finding the suspicious mail. :-)