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Thursday, March 31, 2011

¿Dónde está el podcast?

Some of you may have noticed that your weekly installment of Daniel and Dave discussing a DGL episode hasn't been quite so, well, weekly lately. The S5 episodes of DGL continue on, but the audio commentary from us hasn't. But do not be alarmed--we're still around, recording the podcast and featuring your reviews each week. The only problem is that our thoughts aren't reaching you guys, due to the long editing process which neither of us have a lot of time for right now. Please hang in there, because we will be back with discussion of these great DGL shows soon! Keep checking the "Upcoming Podcasts" heading on the right-hand side for updates on when the podcasts will be available, and of course don't forget to continue sending reviews!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's Off to a Retreat We Go!

Mary's going on a mother's retreat in this weekend's episode, which causes one Morrison kid to call out "Comeback, Mom"! Meanwhile, another DGL character is still not excited about her "Comeback Mom," but will some new information help change her attitude? The drama continues in this S5 episode--once you've heard it let us know what you think!
  • What real board game do you think Wordpoppers is most like? Would you be interested in playing this game?
  • Do you think Mary going off to a mother's retreat is a good change for the character? Was it fun hearing John having to cope with her absence?
  • Do you think the kids do a good job of helping their Dad? Was Timmy's over-reacting to his mom's temporary departure an interesting storyline?
  • Was Mary and Becca's conversation a beneficial part of the episode? Why do you think Becca will not trust either her dad or God?
  • What did you think of the scene when Joan Taylor revealed why she's come back to Coleraine? Why do you think Luke and Becca react in such different ways?
  • Was it good to hear Brooke back to her normal self after last week's episode, or did it seem too sudden?
You can read Brooke's journal entry that goes along with this show here (very minor spoilers are included). We look forward to receiving your reviews before 2PM on Tuesday, April 26!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Slow Walk DGL Episode #62!

Timmy's being cute (possibly), Justin's being out-of-character (maybe), and Mikey's beginning a career as a fashion model (unlikely). Dave and Daniel offer their opinions on the themes and characters present in 5-2 "Justin Time" and offer up fan reviews on the episode as well. So join the guys as they provide you with your "audio commentary" on the world's best radio drama (arguably ;-) )!
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

"The Domino Effect"

Join in with the Morrisons as they set up their dominoes and have some fun! But one Morrison isn't interested in playing, due to something you might call "The Domino Effect."
  • Do you like playing dominoes? Was it fun to hear the Morrison family playing with them?
  • Why do you think Justin was so easily affected by Brooke's attitude?
  • Do you think Brooke's rebellious attitude and the edginess in her voice were realistic? Was her parents' talk with her well done?
  • Was the message of this show convicting? What has been your response to rebellious temptations?
Make sure you don't spoil any things to do with the continuing story surrounding Joan in your review! You have until 2PM (MST) on Tuesday (April 19) to review.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Chocolate-Covered Promises"

This is another one of those DGL episodes that you shouldn't listen to while hungry! But in between all the food references you'll hear more of the continuing drama surrounding Joan Taylor and find valuable lessons about promises. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this show!
  • Did you think that the storyline with Timmy added to the episode? Was his playing the cute card irritating?
  • Do you think that Grace not being in many episodes this season is a nice change? Did you like hearing her in this episode?
  • Did you sympathize with Brooke wanting to spend time with Becca instead of making the cake? Was it moving to hear Mr. Key explain why the cake was so important to him?
  • What did you think of the interactions between Joan Taylor and Monica Richter--were they annoying or were they funny? Did you like that the theme of promises was looked at in a different context with Joan?
  • In which of the three storylines did the message about keeping promises speak to you the most?
Thanks for keeping up the reviews, guys! We'll be recording about "Chocolate-Covered Promises" on Tuesday (March 22) at 2PM MST, so please have your thoughts in by then if you want your review read or played on the podcast. :-)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Week, Another DGL Episode, Another Chance to Review!

Unless you're as sick as Haley, you have no excuse for not reviewing this week's DGL episode, "Snot Fair"! Here's a few questions designed to help you think through the different aspects of the episode...
  • Do you think Kelli Bernott did a good job at sounding sick? Did you find Haley's enthusiasm for being "SOTW" over-the-top? What did you think of Mikey and Timmy's attitude to her sickness?
  • What do you think of Joan Taylor so far? Do you think the Taylor twins' reaction to her return is understandable?
  • This show contains the first appearance of Mrs. Donnor. What do you think of this character? Do you think she makes a better Bed and Breakfast manager than Ms. Kopek did?
  • Was the lesson about trusting God clearly portrayed in both storylines? What connections did you see between the story of Job and the things that happened in this episode?
This should be a fun episode to discuss, and your reviews will only add to the discussion! Please have your thoughts in by 2PM (MST) on Tuesday.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Slow Walk DGL Episode #61!

Join us for S5 discussion on the SWDGL--this week we talk about "Spoiled Sport"! We also offer our final thoughts on S4, find out which DGL cast member once considered 5-1 to be his favorite episode, and Dave finds a new DGL character that excites him almost as much as Tiffany!
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