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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Week, Another DGL Episode, Another Chance to Review!

Unless you're as sick as Haley, you have no excuse for not reviewing this week's DGL episode, "Snot Fair"! Here's a few questions designed to help you think through the different aspects of the episode...
  • Do you think Kelli Bernott did a good job at sounding sick? Did you find Haley's enthusiasm for being "SOTW" over-the-top? What did you think of Mikey and Timmy's attitude to her sickness?
  • What do you think of Joan Taylor so far? Do you think the Taylor twins' reaction to her return is understandable?
  • This show contains the first appearance of Mrs. Donnor. What do you think of this character? Do you think she makes a better Bed and Breakfast manager than Ms. Kopek did?
  • Was the lesson about trusting God clearly portrayed in both storylines? What connections did you see between the story of Job and the things that happened in this episode?
This should be a fun episode to discuss, and your reviews will only add to the discussion! Please have your thoughts in by 2PM (MST) on Tuesday.


  1. is this really the title/ I always thought "It's not fair!"

  2. when's the podcast for 5-2 coming/ Do you always post on a American Thursday Friday? I thought that it was posted on a American Sunday.

  3. Yes, 5-3 is definitely called "Snot Fair." As with a lot of DGL episodes the title's a pun, which we may or may not comment on in this week's podcast (do you really want us to? ;-) ).

    The podcast for 5-2 is coming sometime--can't exactly say when. We recorded it last week, of course, but it hasn't been edited yet. I wouldn't expect it for at least a few more days.

    As for when the podcast comes out, it usually comes out on U.S. Thursday or Friday (within a week of the DGL show airing), but that probably won't be the case for the next few months.


  4. I hope I'm not too late... due to the short deadline, I guess I'll do a text review instead of my normal voice one.

    1. Yes, I think she did a great job sounding sick, especially in the last scene of her being sick. Very convincing sound! Was there postprocessing done to make her sound that way? Mikey & Timmy did an OK job as Job's friends.

    2. Losing a mother to divorce can be very traumatic. I got the impression Joan just up and disappeared one day, was that the case? If so, that would add even more to the trauma.

    3. I don't remember Mrs. Donnor from later episodes -- I guess she remained a very minor character? In fact, I don't remember a manager in later episodes, from when I started listening to DGL. Anyway, she sounds like quite a nice lady in this episode. Probably a better boss than Ms. Kopek -- I'd prefer to work for Mrs. Donner -- but perhaps less interesting as a character :-)

    3. The story of Job is clearer in the Haley storyline. But I guess both storylines still had the clear message of "You have to trust God even when you don't like what's happening."

  5. Thanks for the review, Mr. Chai! I'm afraid you were a few hours late for 5-3's podcast, but hopefully we can include your thoughts in 5-4's. :-)

  6. When is the podcasts coming for 5-2 5-3? I constantly sent the reviews for it, I got the confirmation emails that you got the reviews. The shows are going faster then the podcasts.

  7. I'm not sure when the podcasts for 5-2 and 5-3 are coming out. Both podcasts were recorded some time ago, but won't be available for quite a while. While the DGL shows are going faster than the podcasts, there is a three-week break from S5 in a little while which hopefully will allow us to catch up. :-)

  8. "Both podcasts were recorded some time ago, but won't be available for quite a while." -- why is that? Problems with archive.org uploads? Or no time to edit?

    I have been really busy so I only realized last week that I had not heard a new podcast for a while.

    I see you got one out today, though :-) I'm downloading it now... but the download from archive.org is going S L O W L Y!

  9. The reason the podcasts are a bit behind the episode schedule is because neither Daniel or I have much time to edit! It's quite a long process, even for a shorter podcast like the one about "Justin Time."

    I agree that archive.org can be pretty slow at times, and sometimes it even takes down files for a short while. But it's free for us and has no advertisements for you guys, so it's the best we can do. :-)

    Thanks for keeping listening and sending in your reviews!


  10. Yes, I can understand the problem of being too busy! :-)