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A weekly podcast in which Daniel Gray and Dave Brown talk about a specific episode of the hit family radio drama Down Gilead Lane.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

5-8 "Brighter Days"

We're back to S5 episodes this week, as the drama surrounding the Taylor family continues. Once you've heard "Brighter Days," please send us your thoughts on the show, using these questions to help if you want (note that one or two of them contain spoilers!).
  • Was Haley's storyline a fun part of this show? Did it fit in the episode despite the more serious story with the Taylors?
  • Did you like hearing a "Brooke and Luke running" scene? What message stood out most from their conversation? (single version only) 
  • Did you appreciate the references to the Tom Richter storyline? Do you think the connection made between Joan and Tom was helpful? (single version only) 
  • As far as salvation scenes go in DGL, in terms of writing and acting would you consider this episode's example to be one of the best or one of the worst? Do you think Mary did a good job bringing Joan to the right point?
For your review to be included in podcast #68, you must get it in to us by 2PM (MST) this Tuesday! Oh, and once you've heard 5-8, you might want to read Brooke's journal entry that goes along with the episode (just like the above questions, it contains spoilers).

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Slow Walk DGL Episode #64!

In this week's SWDGL, we discuss airports, Timmy's "cute card," and what we found funny and moving in 5-4 "Chocolate-Covered Promises". We also feature thoughts from the fans on 5-4, which of course prompts rambling from us about such things as California (where everybody surfs all day!), state abbreviations, and puns in DGL. So come join us in another slow but fun walk!
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

50% Off All DGL Products!

Just in case you hadn't heard, everything DGL-related at shopcbh.org is 50% off until the end of April, this Saturday. This is the best opportunity to add episodes and albums to your collection!

On the topic of the SWDGL podcast, look out for podcast #64 on Thursday. And if you want to review "Comeback, Mom" or "Talk to Me" (or both!), you have until 2PM Tuesday to do so!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Slow Walk DGL Episode #63!

It's been a while, but Daniel and Dave are back with another SWDGL! In this week's podcast we talk about 5-3 "Snot Fair," offering our opinions about Haley's acting, commenting on the messages of this show, and even touching on the topic of Ms. Kopek and Tiffany (again!). Come join us in SWDGL #63!
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Promo for Upcoming SWDGL Podcasts!

We know that you guys want to hear more from us, so to help tide you over until our next podcast we present to you a hodgepodge of clips from the recording sessions of several upcoming podcasts! Download the teaser now!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

5-7 "Talk to Me"

Join in the fun of discussing another great DGL episode by reviewing this week's show! As always, we have lots of thought-provoking questions to help you out...
  • Why was Mikey so determined to do his assignment without his brother's help? Did you find this storyline relatable?
  • Which assignment of the ones we heard about (fixing a model toy motor, making hard candy, making a strawberry rhubarb pie, or creating a text-to-speech program) would you most want to be given? Why?
  • Why do you think Becca won't even look at, much less speak to, her mother?
  • Was it surprising to hear Mary struggling with something? Was John's encouragement to her good?
  • What do you think Joan is finding hardest to deal with right now? Why do you think Monica is so excited to speak with Joan every time she sees her?
  • In what ways do you think the messages of both storylines were the same?
This is the last S5 episode being played until the end of April, so take advantage of this opportunity to review! You have until 2PM on Tuesday (April 26) to get your thoughts in--and why not go in-depth with this episode, so we can make the podcast about "Talk to Me" our second-longest of all-time!

Oh, and Brooke's journal entry that corresponds to this episode might help you with commenting on the show's lesson. Even if it doesn't, it's always interesting to peek over Brooke's shoulder at her journal. :-)