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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

It's an emotionally-packed episode this week, as the focus of "Home to Stay" is on Joan's increasingly bad health. Let us know what you think of the show! (Note: Spoilers follow!)
  • What did you think of Timmy's cuteness and innocent attitude?
  • Did you find the marriage ceremony touching?
  • Was Ben coming up to reveal that Joan has died the best way to handle Joan's death?
  • Do you think Jacob did a good job of wrapping up this episode?
You can also check out Brooke's journal entry here. Please get your review in by 2PM (MDT) on Tuesday.


  1. Hi Daniel, and Dave. It's my review of 5-10. I love this episode because of the emotion that stirs. I think their should have been a parental warning for kids and people who experienced death before. It's very realistic. I was wondering if they had them on the cd's they have.

    I think Timmy was so inocent not cute. I don't like Timmy in this ep though. I didn't understand divorce because he's 7.
    I loved the marage sceen. It's very significant for a family that was apart but now united. I cried very much so. "d The Morison's were playing "word Poppers again!

    I think their should of been a better ending but in saying that, it's a nice ending knowing that Joan passed into eternity. It's the hope we all have. But Ben has to bare his pain right after his marage. I think Joan passed at the right time. I feel sorry for the kids and the Morisons.
    I loved Jacob's comments so much. It signifies and emphisizes the hope we have as a Christian.

  2. I had a question for you :d You said that season 11 ep 11 was the regular broadcast version of the Ep. But, I just reviewed the Coloraine connection episode and Lorie T, said that the Mp3 version was different than the broadcast version. But in the extended singles list, it's not listed there. Did you forget to buy it, or was it a mistake of posting the wrong version?

  3. I have to comment again. I can't add you as a friend indivisually on facebook. I really want to add you as a friend indivisually.

  4. My late reply to your comments, Jane...

    The album version and MP3 (single) version of 11-11 is about 24:22--therefore, slightly longer than the broadcast version. Our list of extended singles does not include episodes that are the same length on the album.

    If you want you can add me (Dave) as a friend on Facebook. :-)