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Friday, May 27, 2011

Review S5's Finale!

A season finale has a lot resting on it--as listeners, we expect more from the last episode of a season, hoping that it will satisfactorily wrap up the existing storylines and truly engross us. Sometimes, as with episodes like 4-12 "The End of the Beginning" or 12-13 "Goodnight and God Bless," almost everyone agrees that the season finale was fantastic, yet other times the higher expectations placed on a finale are not met. With all the praise that Daniel and I have lauded on the first eleven episodes of S5, "...And a Time to Dance" will have to be very good to be better than our favorites from this season.

So this is where you guys come in! We want to know what you think of the S5 finale, particularly in relation to other DGL season finales and the other episodes of S5. We want to know what adjectives you'd use to describe "...And a Time to Dance," what character you liked best in this episode, whether the emphasis of this episode was fitting in view of the rest of the season or if it was misguided. In other words, we'd greatly appreciate your opinions on everything to do with 5-12! And if you need some help getting your thoughts together, here's a few questions for you:
  • Did the Morrison family scenes in this episode add to the show? Which Morrison child did you enjoy hearing from the most?
  • Were the Richters humorous in this show?
  • What did you think of the talk between Grace and Becca? Was the scene with Becca outside the church well done?
  • Do you think the last scene was needed in the episode? Was it a good conclusion to the season?
Don't forget to give 5-12 a rating and tell us if it measured up to your expectations! You may also want to check out Brooke's journal to see Brooke's perspective on things. For inclusion in podcast #72, please have your review in by 2PM (MDT) on Tuesday.


  1. Yay! Season 5 is finally done!!!

    The first time I listened to this episode was in my grandma's kitchen. Normally my mom and I would listen to the CD's of DGL in the car as she drove me to school in the morning, and picked me up in the afternoon, but one day I had to go to my grandparent's house so they could babysit me, but there were a bunch of other old people there who I didn't know so I just sat on the floor of her kitchen with my walkman and listened to the episode before my mom did and then I told her everything that happened before she listened to it!

    I didn't listen to the episode, but I'll answer your questions anyway. The Morrisons are good. The Richters are funny. I don't like the talk between Grace and Becca. Sort of. I don't remember the last scene.

    I love Season 6 so much more than Season 5!!!!!

  2. Hi, I was wondering if you got my emails of credits and the review for 5-12?