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Saturday, May 21, 2011

"A Time to Mourn..."

We've reached the penultimate episode of Season Five! Find out how some of the main characters are handling Joan's recent death and see if this episode manages to make you tear up. And then, review it!
  • Do you think Tiffany's and Monica's roles in this episode added to the show?
  • Was it nice to have Grace back in Coleraine sharing lessons with a reluctant Morrison child?
  • Was Brooke's struggle relatable? Did you empathize with her?
  • Was it interesting to see how another member of the Morrison family, Mary, is dealing with Joan's death? Was the scene with her looking through old photographs too sappy? (single version only)
  • Do you think this show is too serious for DGL? Was Becca's revelation a good cliffhanger or do you think a more satisfactory ending would have been better?
Please review by 2PM Tuesday for your review to be featured on the podcast. You can also read Brooke's journal entry, which we heard her writing in this episode, here.


  1. Hello!
    I decided to start listening again so I just jumped into this one and its a bit strange having missed out on so much but it was really great to listen to DGL again! I wasn't completely sure what was going on but it was easy enough to catch on.
    1. I'm thinking it might have been a little overkill to have Tiffany AND Monica pretty much do the same thing and I don't think it was entirely necessary but it definitely helped make things even more difficult!
    2. WEll, since I have been away too, I didn't even know Grace was gone! I thought here talk was very good.
    3. Absolutely! I thought it was very realistic and though I have been fortunate to have never lost someone very close to me I can still relate to the not knowing what to say part.
    4. Bummer singer version only...
    5. Absolutely not! DGL is very good when it comes to covering important lessons that most other shows avoid. I didn't think it was a great cliffhanger to be honest but I also hadn't heard any of the buildup to this episode so yeah....

    I don't recall when I had stopped listening but I know that even after just listening to this one episode I love DGL a lot more than I did earlier on. It could just be because of how mature it has gotten. I actually really loved this episode and I feel TERRIBLE for not listening to the rest of this season! I know I've been missing out...

    Well I hope to continue listening again!


  2. Dave, Loren's last episode appearance is 7-10 The Journey Home. We also hear Ms. Greya along with Haley's grandma.

  3. Oh, that's right. I always tend to forget about "The Journey." :-)

    Yay, thanks so much for the review, Brenden! You definitely have been missing out, as IMO we're in the midst of some of the best episodes of DGL now. :-)


  4. I don't like Season 5 that much.

  5. what happens to justin in season 8??? it says on the episode description that justins parents find something "disturbing" on justins blog. Please i have to know. and is that why he went to his uncles camp for troubled teens???

  6. Hi, Anonymous!

    Spoiler warning! Read the following only if you want S8 spoiled for you! :-D

    Yes, Justin was sent off to his Uncle Tommy at the end of S8, partly because of the "disturbing" nature of Justin's blog. On it he expressed depressive thoughts and isolation; therefore, his parents felt they had to intervene by giving him a change of scenery. And that's pretty much all there is to it. :-)


  7. Hi guys, 've got my voice back. I had a comment on Ep 4-12. The original version apart from the single version is much longer with 12 takes with Brooke and her dad.

  8. Anonymous #1 is Anna. I probably will start reviewing again in S6. I'm not even re-listening to the S5 episodes anymore.