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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Will Spring Offer New Hope?

Tiffany, Brooke, Becca, and Joan are the main focus of this weekend's episode, "Springloaded." Find out who gets to be queen of the Spring Ball and how Tiffany is put in her place! (The following questions spoil elements of 5-9, so you have been warned!)
  • Do you think Becca deserved to be voted in as queen? Was it unrealistic for her to win?
  • Do you think either Lizzy Mitchell or Tiffany Richter added lightness to this fairly heavy episode? 
  • Were you surprised at Brooke's outburst at the Bed and Breakfast--was it out of character? Did you feel sorry for Tiffany in that scene?
  • Was the reconciliation scene with Joan and Becca satisfactory considering how much it's been set up over the course of the season?
You have until 2PM (MST) Tuesday to submit your review. Oh, and you can find out how Brooke really feels about the Spring Ball voting in this week's journal entry. :-D


  1. I think Becca deserved to be queen because she deserves it after what she has been through. I think of this as her first reward. But the biggest reward is coming! Tiffany and Lizzy remind me as the same caraccter because they so, so, act alike. Lizzy is more higher up because she has a lot to deal with, she's the student body president, cheerleading captain leads events and things. She is so white washed! But so is Tiffany in what she is doing to be popular to. :d

    I like this sceen with Brooke yelling with Tiffany because it reminds me when maya did that to Tiffany. But Tiffany softens up because she realizes finally what she is doing hurting the taylors. I was cheering for Brooke because she defends Becca. I thought Becca had more defense than that. i liked that Brooke appolygizes to Tiffany because she knew what she did was wrong in the work force. I like Mrs. Donner so much because she shows sympathy toward Tiffany.
    And, finally I love the end sceen when Becca forgives her mom. joan says that it was her fault for leaving and she understands the faith that her family has now. And I like Becca when she wants her mom to forgive her to. I thought joan was so brave in coming up to her room, Marry helped with that. They discussed the old days.

  2. ilove-dgl/aio/ghhMay 9, 2011 at 6:13 PM

    I just listened to this yesterday but I think that Becca should definitely be Queen of Spring. Brooke yelling at Tiffany was definitely not a Brooke. Brooke is always nice to everyone, even Tiffany. I actually feel sorry for Tiffany because she has such a difficult life. I am glad that Maya knows Jesus now though... :)

  3. I love Down Gilead Lane!!!!!!!!!!!