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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Supplementary Material for Podcast #70

In podcast #70 we discussed Daniel's extensive DGL collection, which includes rare DGL-branded items and original album editions. Here are his photos of the items, with the times that we discussed them in the podcast, so you can actually see what we're talking about.

(At 17:20) Original S1 album art for the cassette version, containing the original slogan and DGL logo. You'll notice that the album is called Meet the Morrisons instead of Crazy Grace, the title of the new version of this season.
(At 24:18) Daniel's DGL display. From left to right, the DGL t-shirt, Fin M'Coul beanie toy (19:25), mouse pad (17:40), DGL CD and cassette sets, lunch kit (22:35), and bookmark (20:10). On the wall above are the two cast photos (the Morrison actors and the Richter actors), which were included free with S8 and S9.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Slow Walk DGL Episode #70!

In SWDGL #70 your "qualified co-pilots" talk about one of DGL's most touching episodes, "Home to Stay." In this fun-filled look at an emotion-packed show, a number of DGL fans weigh in on the wedding and whether Joan's death was handled well, Daniel and Dave discuss rare DGL merchandise, and Dave notices something about "Home to Stay" that makes Daniel laugh until he almost cries!
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Football Season Begins in Coleraine...

The start of the football season means that the Richters get up to their old tricks in this weekend's episode, "The Best Man Wins." Listen and tell us what you think!
  • What were your first impressions of the two new characters, Anthony and Vincent Donnor?
  • Did you enjoy seeing Mr. Richter as a kind of bad guy in this episode?
  • What did you think of Maya, Becca, and Mrs. Donnor's discussion of Matthew 5:4? Did you like how it was played out in the episode with Mikey?
For inclusion in our podcast about 6-3, you need to submit your review by 2PM MDT on Monday. :-)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Slow Walk DGL Episode #69!

In podcast #69 we talk about "Springloaded"--Brooke's anger, Tiffany's humiliation, and Joan's forgiveness are all covered, as well as hot topics like the age of the Spring Ball, the use of exclamation marks, and the queen's role in festivities. So join us Down Gilead Lane!
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Friday, June 17, 2011

6-2 "Hot-Head, Cold-Heart"

We continue with Season Six this weekend as episode two, "Hot-Head, Cold-Heart," airs. After you listen, send us your thoughts (deadline is 2PM MDT on Monday).
  • What do you think the title of this episode means? 
  • Did you appreciate Mikey's continuing storyline? What aspect did you most dislike about it?
  • Are you more like Justin or Caleb when it comes to studying?
  • Did you feel that either Mikey or Justin were out of character in this episode? Whose storyline did you find most interesting?
  • How do you think the Beatitude "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven" tied in to both storylines?
Also, Daniel and I have some questions on football in the hopes of understanding this season better. Can any of you--preferably someone who has a lot of experience with football--, answer these questions in a way that people who know very little about the game would understand?
  1. What does a quarterback do?
  2. Why can there only be one quarterback on a football team?
  3. What's a "Hail Mary"?
  4. Why is there such a big emphasis on yard lines? Does that affect how many points a touchdown's worth?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Slow Walk DGL Episode #68!

Join us as we continue discussing S5, with this week's podcast all about 5-8 "Brighter Days." We talk about the episode, including the interesting deleted scenes and Brooke and Luke's "we're just friends" relationship; hair and dying it; and the recent royal wedding, along with all sorts of other things both DGL-related and off-topic!
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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Sport of the Moment!

Kickboxing fever seems to have hit Coleraine, but the sportiest Morrison appears to be lagging behind the trend. Will he be able to wrestle (or kick, as the case may be) his way into a beginner's class? In other small-town news, Luke's reorganizing the General Store with the help of Caleb, who's recently proven himself to be an embarrassment to his family. Why is Luke so determined to redesign the store? Will Caleb get into any more trouble? Can Stanley really kickbox? Listen to the premiere of Season Six, "Deal With It," and you might find out!
  • This episode is the first DGL show hosted by Zach. What do you think of this host? Do you think the change was too sudden?
  • Was Mikey's kickboxing storyline interesting?
  • Was it helpful to hear Luke dealing with his mother's death, or do you think that that storyline should have been left behind in S5? Do you believe there was any connection between this and the A-Plot?
Please have your review in by Tuesday!