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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Sport of the Moment!

Kickboxing fever seems to have hit Coleraine, but the sportiest Morrison appears to be lagging behind the trend. Will he be able to wrestle (or kick, as the case may be) his way into a beginner's class? In other small-town news, Luke's reorganizing the General Store with the help of Caleb, who's recently proven himself to be an embarrassment to his family. Why is Luke so determined to redesign the store? Will Caleb get into any more trouble? Can Stanley really kickbox? Listen to the premiere of Season Six, "Deal With It," and you might find out!
  • This episode is the first DGL show hosted by Zach. What do you think of this host? Do you think the change was too sudden?
  • Was Mikey's kickboxing storyline interesting?
  • Was it helpful to hear Luke dealing with his mother's death, or do you think that that storyline should have been left behind in S5? Do you believe there was any connection between this and the A-Plot?
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  1. Hi Guys!
    I love Season 6!! It is probably my favorite season!
    I like Zach better than Jacob, but the transition was a little sudden.
    I didn't really like the kickboxing storyline. It made Mikey this total brat. And he should have caught on when Stanley told him that he would teach him, but no, they had to make him more whiny and selfish before they finished the story.
    I think it was good to hear Luke dealing with Joan's death, because it helped the show transition from season 5 to season 6.
    What is the A-plot?
    Keep up the good work!

  2. THE A-plot is the Calabbe story line. It's the first sceen with the police are at Calabbe's house. Right after the spring ball.

  3. Actually, the A-plot ("the one that forces most of the action") is the storyline with Mikey wanting to join the kickboxing class. Luke's storyline would be the B-plot ("supporting side story"), and Caleb's storyline would be the C-plot. So with that last question, I was trying to ask if you thought there was any connection between what Luke learned and what Mikey learned. :-)