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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stay Involved!

Season Seven has now begun, and although we won't be talking about these episodes on our podcast you guys can still discuss them! Check out our new forum and stay involved in the online DGL fan community!

And if you want to contribute to our last podcasts, you still have that opportunity!
Before Monday: Review 6-11 "Pick Your Battles"
Before Thursday: Review 6-12 "Blessed Are They"
Before Monday (Sep. 19): Send us a goodbye message! If you want to ask us any questions about whatever, we'll tackle those too!

And of course keep watching for our S6 discussion podcasts--they'll be coming out in the hopefully not-too-distant future!


  1. Season 7! I just realised that I started listening to DGL towards the end of Season 7! So for me, this is the last bit of DGL I have never heard before!

  2. Mrs. Jennifer LundgrenSeptember 12, 2011 at 1:49 AM

    This is where my local station dropped DGL so for years I did not know there was anything beyond season 6. I am excited. I liked the later episodes written by Lori Twitchell and John Fornuf very much.

  3. How does one register into this new forum? So that they can post comments and stuff like that?

  4. One goes to this website address and fills out his details: http://slowwalkdgl.myfastforum.org/profile.php?mode=register. :-)